It's never too early to start shopping for Christmas or an upcoming birthday, especially if you want your gift to be a real standout. If your have a beer lover in your life, consider giving them something that they can use to indulge their hobby. Whether you're looking for a little stocking stuffer or a high-end appliance, we've got plenty of great gift ideas that are sure to make any beer drinker swoon. Check out our comprehensive gift guide before you hit Amazon to shop for the perfect present.

1. Vintage Bottle Opener

Try shopping on eBay or at brick-and-mortar antique shops for a unique, old-fashioned bottle opener for your beer lover. Choose a wall-mounted beer opener like you used to see near vending machines that sold bottles. They're a great addition to the kitchen or a man cave, and they make popping the lid to your favorite brew a snap. For the beer drinker on the go, look for something you can carry on a keychain. The beauty of a vintage model is that you already know they'll stand the test of time, and it's a great conversation starter.

2. Decorative Bottle Cap Table

Put all those bottle caps to good use by turning them into a decorative table for the beer geek in your life. You can make your own by hammering out the dents in caps you collect, then applying them to the top of a cheap table and filling in the gaps with epoxy resin. If you're not the crafty type, you can buy a ready-made bottle cap table on Etsy, where some artists may even make one with the recipient's favorite caps if you ask nicely. Whichever route you choose, this is a one-of-a-kind gift!

Pro Tip: It'll take more than a six-pack to complete this project, so start collecting those caps well in advance.

3. Dedicated Beer Fridge

A small refrigerator made specifically for beer is the perfect gift for any beer enthusiast. Keeping beer at the perfect temperature for serving is the key to enhancing the home drinking experience, whether you're looking for an icy Pilsner or a warmer Porter. Look for a model with adjustable shelves so you can store beer bottles of all shapes and sizes, which will help you accommodate everything from corked bottles to a refillable beer growler. A built-in model works well in an established kitchen, while a freestanding fridge is great for a rec room or entertaining area.

4. Beer Making Kit

What craft beer lover hasn't dreamed of becoming a home brewer themselves? Help your loved one live the dream with a beer brewing starter kit from the Brooklyn Brew Shop. This is an inexpensive way to give home brewing a try before you invest in lots of equipment. If it ends up being a new passion, they'll always be able to purchase additional equipment and ingredients later as they branch out into newer more complex recipes. Making a home brew from start to finish is a great way to experience the ins and outs of the art of craft brewing.

5. Beer of the Month Club

A beer club is a super-easy gift: Just sign someone up, and they get a beer flight to enjoy every month. This is a great way to let someone sample flavors and styles from across the USA without having to be within an exciting new brewer's distribution range. There are plenty of subscription services to choose from, though you'll want to read all the fine print to make sure they can deliver to your state without a hassle.

Pro Tip: You can present this gift with flair by hosting a craft beer tasting to unveil the first delivery, then let the recipient know they can expect more to arrive on their doorstep next month.

6. BottleLoft

Need more room in your fridge for extra beer bottles? Try this super-clever storage solution. The peel-and-stick strips adhere to the top of the inside of your fridge. Each contains a magnetic bottle holder that keeps your beer bottles suspended and within easy reach. The BottleLoft looks cool while keeping your beer cold — and making room for actual food on the shelves (or just more beer).

7. Beer Glass Set

Sure, it's fun to look at the artwork on a bottle of craft beer, but pouring a brew into the right glass can enhance its flavor to the max — not to mention upgrade your beer tasting parties. For maximum aroma, look for glasses that taper near the top to concentrate the compounds that make each beer unique. A tulip glass is a good choice, though a tall Pilsner glass may allow you to pour longer and produce a more impressive head. A set of pint glasses is the perfect gift for aspiring adults who are ready to ditch those red Solo cups for good.

8. The Craft Beer Cookbook

Cooking with beer can go way beyond a firehouse chili or braised bratwurst. The Craft Beer Cookbook has recipes for all kinds of delicious treats, and attention is paid to each beer's unique flavor profile so you get a crash course in beer pairing and tasting while you cook. This is the perfect beer gift for the enthusiast is who is also a foodie. From all-American entrees to creative desserts, this book puts a new spin on beer tasting.

9. Beer Canned Goods

If the recipient of your gift doesn't cook but you love to, try making your own beer-inspired can goods as a tasty gift. Beer jelly is a sweet take on your favorite dark beers. By adding some apple cider vinegar, sugar, and pectin, the beer will set up into a thick, sweet jelly that you can spread on biscuits with butter for an unexpected treat. If sweet beer doesn't appeal to you, try using it to make a savory BBQ sauce that you can brush on chicken or ribs for grilling. Using different beers will change the flavor profile, so consider making a tasting set to present to the lucky recipient.

10. Beer Scented Soap

Yes, this is a real thing. Swag Brewery's beer soap uses some natural beer in its mix, plus other herbs and spices that craft brewers would use to add flavors to their beer. Choose from Honey Pilsner, Vanilla Porter, and more to train your nose for tastings. Each bar is designed for use on the face and body, making it ideal for travel when you want just one carry-on item for a shave, shower and hair washing. You're guaranteed to smell like someone who really, really loves a good beer — but without the alcohol.

11. Shower Beer Caddy

Speaking of the shower, why not enjoy a beer while you rinse off? Some people swear by the soothing power of a cold beer during a hot shower after a day of work, and this cup holder makes it easier than ever to enjoy one. Use the suction cup to stick it on to the your tile shower wall, then just pop your beer can into the holder while you lather up. Just make sure to stick it somewhere well away from the stream of water to avoid having a watery drink.

Pro Tip: Build your own themed gift basket by combining beer soap, a cup holder and a six-pack of their favorite craft brew for a thoughtful gift that you can't get anywhere else.

12. Beer T-Shirt Decor

People who hop from one craft brewery to another tend to collect a lot of swag — especially t-shirts. If you know someone with a big collection of beer-themed tees, swipe a few and turn them into wall art by wrapping them around a blank canvas and stapling them in place. Hang them in a man cave or rec room for some crafty decor that celebrates craft beer.

Pro Tip: If you're buying for a more serious collector of beer paraphernalia, try shadow boxes instead. These deep frames will allow you use a t-shirt as a backdrop while mounting other three-dimensional items like bottle caps, napkins and other souvenirs in the hollow space.

13. Beer Cap Shadow Box

Like the idea of shadow box but want a ready-made gift instead of a DIY craft project? Shop for a shadow box designed to act like a grown-up change bank. There's a slot in the top for dropping used bottle caps. As they begin to collect, the shadow box becomes an ever-changing work of art. You can even personalize the etching on the glass to choose a saying and add the recipient's name.

The best gifts for beer lovers are ones that let them express their personality while showing off their love of the suds. You don't have to spend an arm and leg to find something that will be appreciated. Whether you choose to raise heir beer drinking experience to the next level with great beer storage or help them outfit their home with beer-inspired decor, these gift items are sure to please anyone who is into small-batch brewing.


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