Have you ever run out of ice cubes at a party? It’s a sinking feeling to see your guests standing around with empty glasses. You probably have no way to quickly make more, even if your fridge has a built-in ice maker. So, you have to send a family member or patient friend to the store to buy a bag of ice. When they return, you just cross your fingers and hope the ice is high-quality enough for human consumption, and not just intended to pack into coolers around beer cans.


A Home Ice Maker to the Rescue!

If you have a freestanding ice maker on your kitchen counter, you’d just have to ask everyone to wait for a few minutes while you made a whole fresh batch of restaurant-quality ice. Probably, you would never have run out of gourmet ice at all, because you would have prepared for the party by churning out a whole tub-full of clear ice cubes ahead of time. Some NewAir portable ice machines can make 50 pounds of clear ice in one day, and you can plan ahead and save it all in a storage bin ahead of your event. If you’re in a hurry, you can go from water to finished nugget ice in as little as seven minutes. With ice production capacity like that, it’s hard to picture running out.


Ice Making Capacity There When You Need It

Having a hot weather gathering? Going camping? Bringing a cooler of cold drinks to a tailgate party? Pack your stainless steel clear ice maker along to any destination that has access to electricity, and you’ll never have to spend money buying drippy bags of ice again. After the party, a portable ice maker is easy to store: Simply open up the gravity drain and let the water run out. That’s all the cleanup you have to do!


A Residential Ice Maker Lets You Control Quality

If your home water supply goes through a water filter, you can be confident that your ice cubes are pure. Just fill your clear ice maker to the water line. If you’re using an unfamiliar water source, the water quality sensor will lend a layer of safety by shutting down if certain contaminants are present.

To see NewAir’s Clear Ice 40 Countertop Ice Maker in action, check out this review by Drinks Made Easy.


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