Chances are you never gave much thought to the size of a wine bottle – until you had to try and fit one into the compressed space between shelves on your wine cooler!

Because these compact units are built to provide the most wine storage possible without taking up a lot of space, we often hear complaints that larger-bodied bottles – like traditional Burgundy or Pinot Noir bottles – won’t fit onto the shelves but even a small wine fridge can hold several bottles.

Sure, you can simply remove a shelf to accommodate large bottles, but if you do that you will lose a whole shelf’s worth of storage.

Instead, try this easy trick for making more room in your wine cooler:

All you have to do is flip over one of the racks, inverting the “waves” to create a larger space. Here’s what the shelf-alignment looks like before and after the reconfiguration:

Wine Cooler

While you will lose some storage capacity for each shelf you flip, by adjusting the shelves you’ll discover that you actually do have room for those bigger bottles – even for something really special, like Champagne!

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