When you’re outfitting your kitchen with the perfect suite of appliances, it can be easy to forget it’s often the smaller ones that really add to your quality of life. After all, you’ll always have an oven and fridge, but a specialty appliance can take an additional task off your hands and inject a big dose of convenience into your life.

A countertop ice maker is just such an appliance. The best portable ice maker has just one job to do, and you might be surprised at just how much you need one — even if you’ve never thought of owning one before.

Think it’s not for you? Think again. Here’s how a dedicated ice maker can change your life.

1. You Love to Entertain

Nobody wants to run to the convenience store during a party because they’ve run out of ice. With an ice maker doing its job, you’ll make the ice making process easier, and never run out of cubes for guests’ drinks again. Choose a large capacity ice machine that comes with an ice scoop, and makes ice for house parties and other gatherings.

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2. You Have a Small Kitchen

Whether you live in a house, condo or an apartment with a galley kitchen, a small kitchen means a smaller fridge — and that means less space in your freezer for ice storage. A small, countertop ice maker can solve your problem with ease, especially since a good one has a compact design that will take up only a bit more than a square foot of counter space.

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3. You Hate Ice Trays

If you don’t have an ice maker right in your freezer, you probably spend a fair amount of time filling and refilling ice cube trays — and replacing them when they inevitably crack. A compact ice maker with a large water reservoir eliminates this chore so you can have ice when you need it instead of having to wait while trays free solid.

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4. You’re a Cocktail Aficionado

If you’re an aspiring mixologist, ice is an important part of every recipe. Just as important as the right ratio is making sure you have the right different ice cube sizes and that your ice is crystal clear so you don’t mar the final effect of the drink. Whether you are mixing up something slushy or just want to highlight that awesome aged Scotch, you can opt for a professional-grade clear ice maker that creates the right ice size and eliminates cloudiness for the ultimate drink.

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5. You Love al Fresco Dining

Enjoying a meal outside with friends and family is one of the great joys of summertime in most parts of the country — and a part of everyday living if you’re blessed with a balmy climate. Outdoor kitchen and bar setups are all the rage these days, and you can get a lot more enjoyment out of your patio space with a stainless steel portable ice maker that creates ice daily, keeping you well stocked for refreshment.

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6. You’re a Die-Hard Camper

If you find yourself heading for the hills to commune with nature every chance you get, you can upgrade your campsite with an ice maker machine. Ice on demand isn’t just a luxury — it’s a crucial part of keeping your food fresh on the road. With an ice maker, you’ll never run out of cubes for drinks, first-aid ice packs or food storage again.

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7. You’re a College Student

If you’re living the dorm life, you probably have to get by without a kitchen — but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Go halfsies with your roommate for a compact portable ice maker in addition to that mini fridge, and you’ll be able to enjoy cold bottled water whenever you want, without heading all the way to campus cafeteria water dispenser just for a cold drink.

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8. You’re a Hunter or Fisherman

If you’re bringing home the bacon after a hunting expedition or fishing trip in the hot summer, you’ll almost certainly need an ice bucket or two to keep your meat fresh. Whether you need ice for your fresh catch or your cooler of drinks, being able to make it at a remote cabin is important.

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9. You’re a Superfan

Have you seen the tailgating scene lately? It’s not enough just to throw a bag of chips and a six-pack in the trunk of your car anymore. You can up your game with a portable hibachi grill and a stainless steel ice maker that makes extra ice for all your beverages — adult or otherwise. When your parking lot neighbors start to run out of cold and refreshing ice, you’ll have plenty to share as you make new friends.

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10. You Work Hard

While full kitchens are all the rage in new office spaces, your company might not have one. You can outfit your break room with a high efficiencyice maker for extra convenience for you and your coworkers. With everything you need at hand, you’ll be more productive than ever before.

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A portable countertop ice maker is small enough to fit anywhere, but its impact on your life can be enormous. No matter what size your house, how big your parties or which hobbies you enjoy most, there’s certainly a place in your life — and your kitchen or home bar — for a countertop ice maker. As you shop, check the specs to make sure that the one you choose makes enough ice per day to meet your needs and that the quality of ice is what you require for your uses. Once you chose the right appliance for you, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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