Beverage Coolers Vs. the Mini Fridge: Beer Storage for Events

Whether you’re hosting the ultimate backyard bash or a sports party in your man cave, ice-cold beverages are essential for any entertaining event. When looking at drink coolers for sale, many folks find themselves contemplating whether to purchase a mini fridge or beverage cooler. While the two options might appear to be similar, they are engineered to meet different criteria. So what device is perfectly equipped to keep your soda, juice, wine, or beer at the ideal temperature? If you’re wondering which to purchase, we have the answers to ensure you have a stash of crisp, cold drinks for your next big event.

Internal Storage

One of the biggest differences between a mini fridge and drink cooler for sale is the internal structure. While a mini fridge has different compartments that are used to house produce, meats, and cheeses, beverage coolers, such as the NewAir AWB-360DB Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, are equipped with metal shelves that perfectly cradle your wine, beer or juices. You can also easily adjust or remove the shelves to fit bigger drinks, making the ideal personalized storage space for all of your favorite liquids. A drinks cooler fridge also boasts adjustable legs, so you can install it seamlessly in any space. The glass door and internal LED lighting handsomely illuminate your collection and make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Storage Temperatures

The main task of a mini fridge is to keep your drinks and food cold. However, if you plan on storing meats or dairy products in the mini fridge, you must keep the temperature below 40 degrees to ward off harmful bacteria.

Beverage coolers for sale specifically cater to drinks. Whether you plan on housing your beloved wine collection, beer cans, or both side by side, unique dual cooling zones mean that the unit’s cabinets are specialized and independently operate for chilling different drinks at your desired temperature range. The thermostat also has a huge range, from 36 degrees to 72 degrees. This means that you can serve your wine at the perfect temperature for dinner while enjoying crisp, cold beers after your meal.

Incredible Amenities in Beverage Coolers

A mini fridge has one job – to keep your drinks and food cold. Beverage coolers, like the NewAir AB-1200 Can Beverage Cooler, are equipped with a ton of nifty features, promising to be the life of your party. Some features include:

A compact and freestanding design that caters to any space
A sleek, stainless steel finish that seamlessly blends with your home décor
LED lighting to make your beverages visible and easy to find
Temp controls for customizable chilling

In order to have a party your guests can enjoy to the fullest extent, the option is crystal clear: invest in a beverage cooler. With tons of special features that accommodate your favorite beverages, a handsome and polished look, and the ability to fit almost anywhere, your new personal cooler is bound to make your bash perfect.

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