Inventing new ways of living in small spaces is part of the fun of rving, but there are limits: The fun disappears when you pour that first cup of coffee at your campsite, and then discover that the cream has spoiled. Do you just drink black coffee, or do you leave the beautiful quietness of the woods and drive for an hour searching for grocery stores? It’s hard to keep enough food cold to meet your needs, while you’re on your road trip.


Get Creative with Storage Solutions

RVers know what it’s like to try to fit everything into your travel trailer. RV kitchens can be especially challenging when it comes to storage space. If you have dry foods and canned items that don’t need refrigeration, you can repackage them in small plastic containers. These can often be tucked away in shoe racks or even spice racks. The Container Store may have some clever options as well. That 50-lb bag of pet food that’s the only brand your faithful companion will eat can be stored in a cargo carrier. Pots, pans or cups can be hung from hooks on a curtain rod or tension bars set up in a handy niche.


Go Beyond Your RV Refrigerator

After a long day on the road, nothing tastes better than an ice-cold soda or beer. If you try to cram all your bottles and cans into the refrigerator door, you’ll quickly run out of space. You may put extra drinks into a portable cooler, just so you can have easy access to them, but when the ice in your cooler melts, you may face the dismal prospect of warm drinks.


Watch the Unboxing of a Small Beverage Cooler

When you buy a small RV refrigerator, you free up space in your regular RV fridge. If you want a detailed look at the NewAir AB-850B 90-Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler, check out this unboxing video posted by Hebards Travels. Energy efficient, lockable, and small enough to carry outside, this RV refrigerator will help you keep your cool.





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