Top Beer Coolers: We’ve Picked a Favorite

Nothing says, I like to host parties, like a slick beer cooler, or a drink fridge with a glass door. Beer coolers are sophisticated and look great with nearly every type of home décor, provide optimal temperatures for bubbly enjoyment, and keep your food refrigerator clutter free, so you can stock up on what really matters: the party platters.

Of course, the kind of beer cooler you purchase will require some consideration. Sure, you can pick up a mini fridge from a wholesale store for nothing, but will it keep your drinks cold? And, more importantly, will it hold enough booze for a great party?

There are some other things to consider, like energy use, design, and benefits from the manufacture. So, before you send out the party invites, let’s take a look at what separates a top beer cooler from the rest and we’ve chosen a favorite.

Not All Beer Coolers Are Created Equally

Beer coolers are not the same as mini fridges—you know, those barely chilled boxes found in dorm rooms across the country?

Beer coolers are typically more expensive than mini fridges, because good coolers are built with quality specifications, materials, and design features you’d expect to see in a professional kitchen.

Here’s a great example from NewAir: the AB-1200, which holds an incredible 126 cans of beer. While you might think a mini fridge will do the job, the AB-1200 proves that design and functionality can live in harmony while you get your drink on.

This beer bottle cooler has it all: stainless steel finishes, metal racks, a freestanding design so you can store it anywhere, and temperature controls that give you the freedom to chill those suds to your liking.

Plus, NewAir offers features that are environmentally friendly, so you can feel even better about keeping your beer cold for guests.

Beer Cooler Considerations

Aside from looking cool and staying cool with green technology, beer coolers are a great purchase for people who like to entertain or enjoy collecting craft beers.

Unlike mini fridges, quality beer coolers feature glass doors, so you can peek inside before opening the door, which helps keep the beers cooler with less energy. Beer coolers also come in a variety of sizes and price points, as well as variations that allow for use with items like wine bottles.

Some beer coolers offer dual zone cooling, which makes it even easier to entertain a group by providing optimal temperatures for different kinds of beverages. And because most beer coolers are freestanding, you add one to your home easily and affordably.

These days, most beer coolers require less voltage and watts than a standard hair dryer, so they’re not going to break the bank when it comes to your energy bill.

Finally, consider what you’re getting back from the manufacture. Look for a cooler with good customer service and support, as well as a warranty if available.

NewAir has a great warranty on all its beer coolers, so if you’re stuck deciding between a few different models, go with a manufacturer you can trust, and who will stand behind its products.

In fact, all NewAir products have a one-year warranty, which makes it even easier to feel good about your purchase.

Check out our current favorite, the NewAir AB-1200 today, and get ready to entertain your socks off with this sharp beer fridge.

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