Wine lovers — or oenophiles, if you want to be fancy about it — are a funny bunch. Somewhere along the line, their enjoyment of a nice glass of white or red wine crossed the line from simple pleasure to total obsession. You may not have noticed it while it was happening, but now it's clear: They're completely into wine. 

Buying the perfect gift for a true wine aficionado can feel intimidating. After all, they're so knowledgeable about what they like to drink that it can feel impossible to choose a wine bottle they haven't tried — or may even one that's up to their very high standards. Fortunately, there are plenty of wine gifts out there that will help the wine lover in your life enjoy their favorite vintage even more. Choose something surprising instead of a simple bottle of wine, and you're sure to delight the recipient. Take a look at our gift ideas before you browse Amazon for the ideal present.

1. Wine Tasting Board

Most wine lovers can't help trying to convert all their friends to their new hobby. Help them on their mission to share their knowledge with a wine tasting board. It's a wooden coaster for standard wine glasses that lets the pourer label each glass on the embedded slate chalkboard — perfect for hosts who like to offer choices or for anyone who might have friends over for an impromptu wine tasting.

2. Cheese of the Month Club

There's no better snack to accompany wine than cheese. The aficionado in your life probably already has a whole cellar full of wine bottles, so why not provide the nibbles? A cheese of the month club will regularly send a new snack to enjoy, and they'll get the added fun of practicing their wine pairing skills based on the tasting notes that come with each block of artisanal dairy goodness.\

3. Cheese Board and Knives

If your loved one already has plenty of cheese and charcuterie on hand, they'll need something pretty to serve it on. There's no shortage of gorgeous cheese boards out there, from handmade wood varieties to slabs of stone. Pick one you love, add a few small serving knives and forks, and you have the perfect wine-related gift.

4. Corkcicle Air White Wine Chillers

Most wine enthusiasts know a lot about the right temperature for serving their wines, so help them get the job done with this clever ice pack for white wine. The Corkcicle Air is a bottle stopper that doubles as an ice pack and aerator. Just pop it in the freezer before you use it, and the long shaft dips down into the wine bottle to keep it cool — no messy ice bucket required to keep things chilled out.

5. Stainless Steel Wine Fridge

For a more permanent temperature solution for wine connoisseurs, nothing beats a dedicated wine fridge. A wine cooler with dual temperature controls creates the perfect environment for both reds and whites, and a stainless steel finish makes this a welcome addition to any kitchen or home bar. It's a marked improvement over a standard wine rack that will help keep wine at its best with ideal storage conditions.

6. Wine Lollipops

Yes, wine lollies are a real thing — and they're delicious! They're the perfect treat for grownups, and it's guaranteed to be a completely unique gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. Choose a set of single flavors or a mixed gift set. Options include Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. (Hint: Earn bonus points for presentation if you arrange them like a small bouquet in a champagne flute.)

7. Red Wine Stain Remover

At some point, every serious wine drinker is going to spill the thing they love. White wine is easily removed with a bit of club soda, but red wine can ruin a carpet or a favorite pair of pants if you're not careful. For the practical — or clumsy! — wine lover in your life, red wine stain remover in a handy spray bottle is just the thing to keep fabrics in their original condition, no matter how exciting the party gets.

8. Insulated Wine Tote

Wine lovers are often the designated provider of something new to sip when they go to parties, so give them a fashionable way to carry those bottle around. Insulated wine bags are a great choice, since they'll keep bottles at the desired temperature for ideal flavor en route. Add a monogram and pack it with a new bottle of something yummy for the ideal housewarming gift.

9. Wine Stopper Stairway

Many wine lovers are already blessed with quite a collection of wine bottle stoppers, whether they pick up their own as vacation souvenirs or have received them as gifts over the years from less inspired gift givers than you. Instead of adding to the hoard, give them a way to organize their treasures instead. The wine stopper stairway is a clever wooden display than fans out to show off up to 15 decorative stoppers.

10. Sculptural Carafes

A wine carafe is a fairly standard gift for any wine fan ready to take their tasting to the next level, but you've never seen anything quite like Etienne Meneau's carafe sculptures. These one-of-a-kind wine decanters are designed to hold a whole bottle of wine in their twisting legs and branches. Even when these unique wine aerators aren't full, they're still an incredible work of art in their own right.

11. Bamboo Wine Cork Display

You don't have to be a serious wine drinker for long before you have a collection of corks piling up. Many wine lovers like to keep them as mementos of their hobby, so help turn spent corks into a work of art with a dedicated display rack made just for corks. It's a piece of cake to drop a cork into one of the channels, and the display changes with every new bottle until it's completely filled. Hang it on the wall or stand it on the bar for a unique conversation piece.

12. Hammered Copper Wine Bottle Coaster

These days copper is more closely associated with Moscow mules, but it makes for gorgeous wine accessories, too. A wine coaster is the perfect combination of practicality — it keeps condensation from chilled bottles from marring your dining table — and whimsical good looks. It's just the sort of thing someone wouldn't buy for themselves, which makes it a perfect gift. The design of this wine bottle holder blends easily with any decor.

13. OXO Wine Opener

There are a lot of gadgets out there for opening wine, but this ergonomically designed bottle opener from OXO is the cream of the crop. Nonslip grips conform to your hand for ease of use, and the lever design makes it much easier to use than a traditional twisting corkscrew. It even comes with a foil cutter for all-in-one convenience. Best of all, it's reasonably priced — what more could you want in a gift item?

14. Vinebox Subscription

Wine of the month subscriptions are cool, but you have to have a place to store all those bottles — not to mention the stamina to polish them off. For the singles on your shopping list, Vinebox is a great choice. Instead of sending standard bottles, this subscription service sends a wine box filled with nine single-serving bottles of new wines. Each container holds just one glass' worth of vino, so the recipient can taste to their heart's content without committing to a whole bottle.

15. Personalized Wine Glass Set

There's nothing like a set of wine glasses etched with a monogram, full name or favorite saying to turn a fledgling home bar into a place that says you've finally got this adulting thing on lock. Choose a set of white or red wine glasses, with or without stems. Then choose your monogram style or font, and you'll have an ideal gift for your favorite wine-loving host.   

16. Wine Picnic Basket

Is there anything more romantic than an al fresco picnic in a beautiful location? Choose a basket specially designed for a bottle of wine, and you'll treat the recipient to many adventures. You can create the ultimate gift for wine lovers by turning the picnic basket into a gift basket complete with plenty of wine accessories. Whether you pack it with bottle stoppers, a wine holder or a few of the clever gifts we've listed here, you're guaranteed to make somebody very happy with your thoughtfulness.

 With so many excellent wine gift ideas to choose from, your only challenge now is to narrow down the list. Whether you're looking for a masculine Father's Day gift or something cute for a bridal shower, any one of these wine-adjacent presents is sure to please the oenophile in your life.

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