The NewAir AI-100 Series Portable Ice Maker is a great way to keep ice on hand for parties, BBQs, or whenever the weather gets hot.

To use, set the unit down on a level surface and plug it in. Press the “SELECT” button to choose the size of the ice cubes you want: small, medium, or large. A light on the front will light up, indicating which size has been selected. Once you’ve selected the cube size, pour some water into the reservoir. Be careful not to fill it up past the “MAX FILL” line or the water will seep into the ice basket when you put it inside.

Once the reservoir is full, press the “POWER” button to start making ice. The water will be pumped up to the metal prongs at the top and start to freeze. It takes 6-15 minutes to make an ice cube, depending on what size you’ve chosen.

Place the ice basket in the ice maker to catch the ice as it comes out. The ice maker will continue making ice until the basket it full. When this happens, the ice maker will stop and another light will come on to alert you. To keep making more ice, just lift the ice basket out of the ice maker and empty it into a bowl or another container. Then replace the basket and the process will continue automatically.

Don’t worry about the ice melting. Any melted ice will drain back into the reservoir and get recycled back into ice cubes.

If the water in the reservoir runs low, a light on the front will come on and alert you. Change the water at least once a day to make sure it stays clean. When you’re done making ice, unplug the unit and drain the reservoir using the plug on the side.

The AI-Series can make up to 28 pounds of ice per day. It comes with a one-year warranty and a lifetime of outstanding customer service from NewAir, a name you can trust.

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