Buying a Cigar Humidor: 5 Elements to Look For When Storing Cigars

You may be new to the world of cigars. If so, congrats on learning how to look great while smoking one. Another thing you’ve probably been taught is that your cigars needs to be properly stored in a cigar humidor to ensure they’re preserved in all of their glory.

Installing a cigar cooler in your home enables you to keep your cigars in perfect condition, just like on the day you purchased them from your local tobacconist.

For a newbie, buying a humidor to store cigars in can be a bit of a daunting task. But don’t worry. The guys at NewAir, one of the world’s most trusted vendors for cigar storage units, wine coolers, and beer fridges, have got you covered.

Here are five elements to look for when buying your first cigar humidor.

Size Matters

There are several options to choose from when it comes to size. From walk-in humidors and cabinet and table humidors to personal and portable humidors, size is an important factor when determining what cigar cooler to purchase.

Take a proper inventory of your collection and determine if you’ll be adding any new cigars to it in the future. This will help you establish the ideal size for your humidor, and save you from the headache of it being too big or too small.

Check the Seal

A top-quality cigar cooler will have a tight seal. One of the traditional methods for doing this is to close the lip and try to slide a crisp bill into the space between the base and the lid. If you have trouble getting the bill into the crack, the seal is in excellent shape. Another way to check the integrity of the seal is to raise the lid up about three inches and let it drop. If you hear a “whoosh” sound, this is the air escaping and an indicator that there is some leakage in the humidor.

Buying a Cigar Humidor: 5 Elements to Look For When Storing Cigars


If you have a cigar collection you wish to take on the go, think about portability. Lightweight and compact coolers are perfect for people who like to travel a lot and want to keep their collections handy.

Avoid the Cheap Cigar Humidor

Chances are you want to buy a high-quality humidor to keep your precious collection in top-notch form. Avoid unrealistic prices, coolers that aren’t handcrafted, and coolers that have a shoddy seal.

Bells and Whistles

If you want to have a truly personalized humidor, there are many that come with extras to accommodate your cigars. Some of these features include:

  • Dividers for separating cigars, such as drawers or trays
  • Customizable display features
  • Hardware

It’s important to find the right cigar humidor for your needs. From checking if the seal is in great condition and picking out the ideal size to finding portable and high-end coolers, these tips will help you find the perfect cigar humidor in no time.

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