When purchasing a space heater as supplemental heat during the winter season or spot heating the rest of the year, there are many choices available. The heater that seems to be gaining in popularity is the electric oil heater. Here are the top reasons why:

1. Low Wattage

They are low-wattage, low-profile units so they're easy to fit under a desk or table as you work. Ideal for both home and office settings because they use little electricity to generate maximum heat. Low-watt models are generally safer and less likely to overheat, even after hours of operation. They're green, safe, and won't drive up your bill!

2. Pet Friendly

Unlike many infrared or ceramic heaters, oil versions are a pet friendly way to warm a room. The exteriors don't become hot, making them safe to brush up against without the fear of surface burns. They are ideal for pet and family homes with small children.

10 Reasons the Electric Oil Heater is So Popular

3. Good for Allergy Sufferers

For many allergy sufferers and asthmatics, space heaters can be a necessary evil. Keeping warm at the expense of your health should not be an option, but the reality is that fan-forced models kick up allergens and disperse them around the room.

Oil units don't have fans. Rather than rely on forced air to heat an area, they use natural convection and air flow to distribute heat. If you're looking for a heater that will keep you warm without making you sneeze, choose one that's oil-filled.

4. Portable

Many models come equipped with an integrated wheel base so you can easily transport them from one area of the house to another. If you have stairs or uneven floors, they are lightweight and can be easily lifted with one hand. Traditional units weigh around 20 pounds, but flat-panel types are designed at less than 10 pounds!

5. Doesn't Generate CO

When people hear the word "oil" in oil heater they often associate it with the negative press behind carbon monoxide poisoning. CO poisoning is a serious, life-threatening condition that can be caused by improper use of fuel-burning heaters. Heaters that use kerosene do generate carbon monoxide and must be properly ventilated, as must propane and natural gas units. However, an electric oil heater doesn't actually burn oil, thus it is not a CO threat.

6. Silent Convection Heating

Oil-filled radiators use convection technology to heat spaces. Since convection is a natural method of heat transfer, it doesn't require a noisy fan or motor to distribute heat. Without the motor, they are silent operators making them great for a wide variety of applications. Nurseries, classrooms, bedrooms, offices, libraries, study rooms and other spaces that require a quiet atmosphere make great venues for oil heaters!

7. Flat Panel Designs Save Space

As mentioned above, oil heaters are now available as flat-panel designs. A great example of this is the NewAir AH-400 oil heater, which weighs only 8 pounds and measures a mere 3.5 inches wide! The skinny design makes these units incredibly versatile without compromising effective space heating. They don't even tend to cost more than the average oil heater.

8. Work Long Hours

Another reason why oil-filled models are popular is that they continue to work long after you've shut them down. How? It's actually quite simple: the sealed oil remains hot for hours after you've powered off the heating element. This makes them reliable for bedrooms, since you can safely keep warm while sleeping.

9. Fully Equipped with Digital Controls

Although the oil heater utilizes the convection technology of its old-fashioned predecessor - the radiator - it's certainly not as limited. As noted above, they are portable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. In addition, they also come with the digital features you want. Many include an adjustable thermostat, optional heat settings, 1-12 hour timer, automatic safety shut-off, and even remote control convenience.

10. No Maintenance Costs!

These heaters are generally simple, contemporary pieces of equipment. There aren't very many components, thus there are fewer things that can go wrong. Most oil heaters will never need maintenance but come backed by generous manufacturer's warranties just in case. As noted before, the heating oil is never burned nor does it require refilling or replacement. This makes oil-filled heating units cost effective for many years after their initial purchase - a popular feature you can't ignore!

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