Shadow-T Series


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Shadow-T Series

  • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling preserves wine flavor and aroma by preventing sediment agitation. 

  • Consistent temperature and energy efficiency ensure you savor every sip of your perfectly chilled wine. 

  • Ultra-quiet thermoelectric cooling with a built-in fan provides a consistent temperature without noise or the need for hazardous refrigerants. 

  • Triple-pane insulated glass keeps UV rays from destroying delicate wines. 

  • Mirrored glass door is fingerprint and smudge resistant for effortless good looks. 

  • Durable, built-in control panel with touchscreen display offers easy temperature adjustment. 

  • Blue Soft LED light illuminates labels without creating a harmful hotspot. 

  • Compact, freestanding design works in any room of your home.   

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