1-100 sq ft

Luma Comfort Tower Evaporative Cooler | EC45S


  • Adds moisture to dry environments
  • Choose from 3 air flow settings
  • Dust filter traps dust particles
  • Reduces the ambient room temperature by up to 20 degrees
  • Rigid cooling pad holds more water
  • Very Portable with built-in casters

Slim Fit, Energy Efficient Underdesk Heater with Head-to-Toe Heating, up to 40 sq. ft. Coverage

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  • Slim-fit space heater slides under your desk for head-to-toe warmth
  • Totally silent operation never disturbs conversation or concentration
  • Radiant heat slowly rises up from the floor to warm up to 40 square feet of space
  • 400-watt heater uses 73% less electricity compared to most space heaters
  • Built-in safety features include automatic shutoff to prevent overheating
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