Portable Cooling Systems

Portable Cooling Systems

Newair Compact Portable Air Conditioner, 7,500 BTUs (4,000 BTU, DOE), Cools 200 sq. ft., Easy Setup Window Venting Kit and Remote Control

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  • Compact portable air conditioner quickly and evenly cools up to 200 square feet.
  • All-in-one air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier provides total relief in humid climates.
  • Included window venting kit sets up in minutes—no trips to the hardware store required!
  • 2 fan speeds provide up to 170 CFMs of airflow for customized comfort.
  • Intuitive interface and remote control make it easy to set modes and 24-hour timer

Portable Cooling System Buying Guide

Whether you need heat relief for your patio, living room, warehouse, or greenhouse, NewAir offers a full line of cooling options for the home or commercial business. When it comes to portable cooling appliances, there are a lot of great options out there. Pick which option is the best cooling appliance for you with the quick breakdown below.   


Portable AC Units 

A portable ac unit can cool a single room without the expense of adding ductwork for a new central air system in older homes, apartments, or office spaces that don’t have an A/C unit.  

Portable air conditioners need to be plugged into a power source and should be vented through an open source in whatever room it is in. A portable air conditioning unit is lightweight to make it easy to move and it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with casement windows or sliding doors.  


Swamp Coolers 

A portable evaporative cooler, or portable swamp cooler, is an ideal air cooler for areas with hot and arid climates, such as California, Arizona, and Nevada. A commercial swamp cooler, also known as a commercial air cooler, is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to cool indoor or outdoor spaces full of hot, dry air. 

Air evaporative coolers can also be described as air cooler fans. They draw hot, dry air over a cooling pad. When the warm air contacts the cool pad, water droplets form. A powerful fan then distributes the cool, moisture-soaked air throughout your space. 


Industrial High-Velocity Fan 

High-velocity fans are industrial strength fans and typically come with strong metal blades and a ball bearing motor, making them more powerful and durable than a normal fan. High velocity cooling fans are strong enough to improve air circulation in large areas, like stables, warehouses, and green houses.  

High velocity cooling fans create powerful air circulation in commercial and industrial settings but can also be used to cool down garages, living rooms, and outdoor patios. These high-velocity outdoor fans make great workshop cooling fans thanks to their industrial strength.   


Misting Fans 

A mist fan is a cooling device that releases a thin wave of water into the air and distributes it with a fan. The result is a light mist that feels as refreshing as an ocean breeze. Unlike air conditioners, misting fans can be used outdoors to maintain a nice temperature for your backyard patio or work area.  

Whether you plan on using your portable mist fan in commercial or industrial settings, NewAir’s line of misting fans come with powerful metal fan blades that deliver up to 2,800 of CFMs—a serious amount of power that can cool up to 600 square feet.  



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