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Freestanding Beverage Fridges

NewAir 90 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge in Stainless Steel

Regular price $259.95 $195.99

Type: Compressor

•    Quiet, powerful compressor chills drinks all the way down to 34 degrees.
•    Compact design holds 90 cans in an attractive, stainless steel design.
•    Removable storage racks create space for cans, bottles and more.
•    Freestanding design requires no special installation — just plug it in!
•    Set-and-forget-it thermostat comes with 7 custom settings.


NewAir 90-Can Black, Freestanding Beverage Fridge | AB-850B


Type: Compressor

  • Holds up to 90 cans of beer or soda
  • Fits nearly anywhere with a compact, yet large-capacity design
  • Stays safe with a locking beverage cooler door
  • Includes removable interior racks
  • Features LED lighting and temperature control

Blemished NewAir 126-Can Freestanding, Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge

Regular price $299.95 $183.99

Type: Compressor

  • 5 beverage racks to keep beverages organized
  • Freestanding design fits in small spaces easily
  • Metal rack construction for durability and longevity
  • Stainless steel finish is complementary to any decor
  • Temperature control for customized chilling

Blemished NewAir 90-Can Stainless Steel, Freestanding Beverage Fridge

Regular price $249.95 $160.99

Type: Compressor

  • Compact design fits in small spaces easily
  • Interior LED light for optimal viewing
  • Large capacity design holds 84 cans
  • Removable racks offer custom storage
  • Temperature control for personalized chilling

NewAir 126 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge in Stainless Steel

Regular price $299.95 $229.00 Out of Stock

Type: Compressor

  • Holds 126 cans of beer
  • Stores beverages at temperatures down to an icy 34 degrees
  • Has a freestanding, stainless steel beverage cooler style
  • Operates quietly and with a small footprint in homes, dorms or offices
  • Includes a thermostat with seven custom settings

Freestanding Beverage Coolers

Free up space in your main refrigerator with help from our beverage fridges. Our built-in and freestanding beverage refrigerators are designed specifically to hold bottles and cans to maximize storage capacity. A dedicated beverage center allows you to keep your drinks just the way you like them, whether that's slightly chilled or downright frosty.


NewAir designs appliances with flair, so you can choose the right finish for your room. Whether you prefer black or stainless steel, you’ll love our attention to detail in both design and customer service. All NewAir appliances come complete with a 1-year warranty and free same-day shipping on your order.


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