• NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
  • NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E
Model: CC-280E | UPC: 854001004594

NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E


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The NewAir CC-280E Humidor is a mammoth-sized cigar humidor manufactured with a technologically advanced design in conjunction with stylish and safe cigar storage features. This cigar humidor allows you to store as well as enjoy a very sizeable cigar collection so that you can feel great about showcasing them to friends as well as enjoying them, because they will always feel, look, and taste fantastic. This humidor comes with 4 Spanish cedar shelves, 2 Spanish cedar drawers, a massive 400 cigar storage capacity, a stainless steel framed face, a tempered glass door, and is powered thermoelectrically.

    Key Features

    • 2 Spanish Cedar Drawers - Hand Crafted in the USA
    • 4 Spanish Cedar Shelves - Hand Crafted in the USA
    • Add a humidor and and hygrometer quickly and easily
    • Humidor ready interior is airtight and ready to house your cigar collection
    • Optimal Humidity Range of 64-66°F
    • Stores over 400 cigars
    • The interior temperature can be adjusted in increments of 1° as low as 54°F
    California Residents: See the Proposition 65 warning

    Prop 65

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information click here.

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    Real Spanish Cedar Storage 
    The NewAir CC-280E Humidor has a plethora of beneficial features, but its internal humidor accessories keep you in control to protect your cigar collection from any chance of imperfection or bad taste. This cigar humidor was designed with 4 Spanish cedar shelves, and 2 Spanish cedar drawers built into the unit itself. These internal storage drawers are hand crafted in the USA, and their utility can only be rivalled by the stylish presence they display. With this humidor, you will be able to store your cigar collection not only in a safe place, but in a place where you can show multiple parts of your collection to be appreciated by guests. In an effort to balance its internal design and capacity with its high level of functionality, all of the hand crafted drawers and shelves in this humidor were measured and trimmed to close flush with the front edge of the door. This uniform design choice is unique because it allows air to circulate more freely through the unit meaning that your cigars will never go bad from stale air or temperature imbalances.

    Here are extra some benefits of the Spanish cedar storage:

    • Helps maintain humidity
    • Emits a light complementary aroma
    • Supports the aging process
    • Promotes good flavor
    • Prevents mold
    • Helps repel damaging insects and tobacco worms


    Storage Capacity 
    Whether you are a general enthusiast or an experienced cigar connoisseur, the NewAir CC-280E Humidor is a grand and highly versatile cigar storage cabinet whose large storage capacity is coupled with exceptional functionality settings and features. In terms of size, this humidor can store up to 400 cigars. This makes it a superb choice for those looking to preserve and maintain a large collection of cigars and are looking for a storage area that will always provide airtight surroundings, security, as well as quiet operation. Because of its air tight design and uniquely trimmed inward parts, you can rest assured that even if you stack cigars to capacity in this humidor, you collection will always maintain a consistent level of taste and conditioning.


    Specialized Design & Thermoelectric Temperature Controls 
    When you consider its modern design and style along with its superior functionality, the NewAir CC-280E Humidor is truly one of the best humidors on the market. This humidor looks fantastic as it features a stainless steel door face along with a metal body and tough tempered glass door. This humidor also has a built-in LED light held right above the shelving and drawers. This makes it easier on you to enjoy your cigar collection day or night. All of these features make the NewAir CC-280E Humidor look impactful, but perhaps the best part is that this unit is still very compact and can easily fit into small spaces and on counter tops. This cigar humidifier also has a built in digital touch screen and thermostat enabling you to personalize the level of cooling you would like for your collection. Temperatures can be adjusted lower than the ambient temperature of the room only and cannot be adjusted higher. As an additional bonus feature, this entire humidor is powered thermoelectrically, which means that it will save more power, dissipate heat more effectively, and run virtually vibration and noise free.


    Personalized Features 
    In addition to its compact design and giant storage capacity, the NewAir CC-280E Humidor also has an on unit LED lighting feature. This lighting feature allows you to highlight and accentuate your cigar collection to your guests and friends without having to worry about excess heat generation. This LED lighting feature will never raise the temperature of your cigar collection and serves to help you to find the perfect cigar matched to your mood any time. Simply add a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels, and a humidifier to maintain an ideal relative humidity and this LED light will always keep you aware of the humidity and temperature of your cigars.


    Cigar Storage Guidelines

    • The ideal temperature for storing cigars is between 65° and 73°F.
    • The ideal relative humidity (RH) for storing cigars is between 65% and 75% RH. To properly maintain RH in the CC-300 a moisture container is included.
    • To add humidity to the unit using the included moisture container, simply fill the container with distilled water or a damp sponge wet with distilled water and place it back in the unit. 


    Replacement Parts


    • Model: CC-280E
    • Product Type: 400 Count Cigar Cooler
    • Product Dimensions: 17.00"L x 20.00"W x 28.75"H
    • Product Weight: 44.20 lbs.
    • Product Color: Black
    • Application: Stores cigars
    • Voltage: 115 volts
    • Watts: 70 watts
    • Amps: 1 amps
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Certifications: ETL
    • Capacity: 400
    • Shelves: 4
    • Drawers: 2
    • Interior Lighting: Yes
    • Material Lined With: Spanish Cedar
    • Includes Humidifier: No
    • Includes Hygrometer: No
    • Temperature Range: 66 ° F



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    NewAir 400 Count Cigar Cooler | CC-280E