Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool

Newair Portable Air Conditioner and Heater, 8,600 BTUs (8,532 BTU, DOE), Cools 525 sq. ft., Easy Setup Window Venting Kit and Remote Control

Regular price $629.99 $469.99

  • Portable air conditioner and heater covers up to 525 square feet. 
  • Included window venting kit quickly and easily sets up in just minutes. 
  • All-in-one air conditioner, fan, dehumidifier and heater works all year round. 
  • Integrated cooling tank maximizes air conditioning efficiency. 
  • 3 fan speeds provide up to 250 CFMs of air flow for customized comfort. 
  • Intuitive interface and remote control make it easy to set modes and timer. 
Luma Comfort 24" Oscillating Misting Fan

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Luma Comfort 24" Oscillating Misting Fan

Regular price $499.95 $250.00

  • 3 speed settings for customized cooling
  • Adjustable height allows directional cooling
  • Built with Anticorrosive Metal Construction
  • Can be used in both residential & commercial settings
  • Easily Cools Up to 800 Sq Ft
  • Large Oscillating 24" Head
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