Reconsidering the way that you currently drink your water?

Perhaps you run out and purchase a large package of water bottles so that you have drinking water in the home? This is something that is causing you time and money – it doesn’t have to be this way.

You’re actually wasting more time, effort and money on these bottles than you think. They might seem like a convenient alternative to having to set up a water dispenser, but they are also lack benefit to your kitchen.

Check out some of the facts that are little known to people, like you, that purchase water bottles on a monthly basis. You may be surprised to know….

Did You Know?

Using a Water Dispenser Compared to Your Bottles

There are many little known facts about water bottles out there.

Perhaps you just haven’t searched for the information before. Maybe it is not something that never actually crossed your mind. Truth of the matter is, this is what the water bottles are looking like and something you would be able to move ahead with without having to worry about anything else in the process.

  • The bottles of water that you drink from use more than 17 million barrels of oil each year. This is enough oil to fuel 1.3 million cars in the same year. This is also not including the oil that is needed to transport the bottles of water once they are done.
  • Energy that is used to make the bottled water can power 190,000 homes
  • 167 water bottles were used in the past year by the average person, only 38 of those were recycled.
  • More than 1 billion in water bottle plastic goes to land fills each year, even though the bottles are recyclable – because only 23 percent of people that use them actually recycle them.
  • Tap water, when drank at the recommended amount of eight glasses a day equals $0.49 per year, while drinking this amount of water from water bottles equals $1,400 each year.
  • PET plastic bottles have Antimony in them which can cause depression and dizziness when taking in small doses. It can even cause death if the doses are larger.
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year by purchasing a water bottle that is able to filter your water for you, so you do not have to purchase the expensive, bad for the environment water bottles.
  • One filtered bottle is able to last you for decades so you do not have to worry about carrying separate water bottles for complete hydration everywhere you go.

With all of this in perspective, you might reconsider purchasing all of the water bottles that you currently buy.

This is something that is not only wasting your money, but your time and filling up the landfills with waste that doesn’t need to be there.

Consider making the switch and reading more about the differences that you find with bottled water compared to choosing a filtered water dispenser. You might find that with water bottles, you’re getting more than you bargain for compared to a dispenser where you know where the water is coming from.

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top loading water cooler

When it comes to using a water cooler compared to your water bottles, you may be considering the convenience.

However, if you purchased a water bottle – or two, you could actually have the same convenience that you have when purchasing the disposable water bottles. You just have to fill them up ahead of time and ensure that they stay cold when it comes to using them down the road.

The dispenser can be just as convenient since all you have to do is flip the tab on the faucet to access the cool water that you’re in need of. Fill water bottle after water bottle using this method, while saving money and being able to keep plastic out of the land fills.

By being able to keep this plastic out of the land fills, you’re ultimately helping the earth out by reducing the amount of non-biodegradable substances that are so difficult for the earth to break down. This makes way to more pollution both in the ground and in the air, which is not good for anyone.

  • When you choose to use a water dispenser, you’re able to do your part for the world, but you’re able to enjoy healthy, crisp, clean and clear water without having to worry about the chemicals that might be in normal tap water.
  • You also do not have to worry about the chemicals that are in the plastic water bottles that might end up in the water that you’re drinking (especially if the water bottle is warmed up).
  • There are many ways to get your water, but finding the most health beneficial to yourself, as well as the way that is best for the environment is best for everyone involved.
  • You shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to drink healthier water when the option is right in front of you.

The water dispenser is there to provide water for you, and the best part is that you’re able to get the water you want in many different ways.

  • You can choose from many different types of dispensers so you can find one that fits your needs.
  • This can range from those that sit right on a counter to ones that are larger.
  • You can also choose one that is from a bottle or one that is hooked to the plumbing in your home.

Choosing the best one for the job is essential for anyone looking to obtain water in a different way than their tap or through water bottles.

Choosing the Right Dispenser for the Job

It is important that you carefully consider all of the options that are out there for you to use. This is because you need to ensure that you’re able to get the water that you want but that you’re going to be able to efficiently use the unit.

  • If a unit that is easy to access from a counter, this can save floor space and still provide you with water.
  • If you want something with consistent water that you do not have to refill, finding a unit that connects to the plumbing is a good idea. This can provide consistent water and doesn’t use water bottles to provide the water for you. Not only that, but you’re also able to filter the water that goes through the system – which means it can be clean, even if it is tap water that you’re using.

Filter your water, enjoy little to no maintenance and even have the company come in and set the dispenser up for you when you’d like to have water that is clean and purified.

  • With this in mind, you may wonder why you always throw that pack of water bottles in your cart while grocery shopping.
  • This way of obtaining water is much easier.
  • You also do not have as many recyclables, garbage or bottles to bring back to return – it is a win/win situation.

When the time comes to make a decision, many people opt for the water dispenser. You get the same benefits from a water bottle but without all of the disadvantages that also come with them.

They are even easy enough for children to use, which make them one of the best dispensers to have around for families. They can provide hot water for an assortment of drinks and food items such as oatmeal. Prepare meals, drink fresh water and choose to have the best quality water that is out there.

Many people are making the switch – all you need is electricity and you’re ready to go. This is a time for a change and a time to find the right dispenser for you and ditch the water bottles that were doing nothing but holding you back financially and in any eco-friendly efforts you may have had. Keep you and your family healthy with a water dispenser that can do the job for you.


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