Any seasoned host knows party prep is hectic. We have all thrown beer in the freezer 20 minutes before guests arrive. And on the flipside, we have all hesitated to grab the warm bottle of beer handed to us once we arrive to the party.  

If you have ever had a group of people coming over and you forgot to put the drinks in the fridge, a NewAirBeer Frosteris exactly what you need.  

What is a beer froster?

Whether you want to host the perfect party or improve your post-work ritual, a Beer Froster will help you cross “chill beer” off your task list. 

A Beer Froster cools your beer to a frosty 23ﹾF, making it the coldest fridge on the market. This chilly temperature freezes the water condensation on your beer bottles and cans, creating the frosty finish, you’ve come to love when drinking a beer. 

A Beer Froster works hard, but parties harder. It comes with two high-power cooling modes to protect you against party fouls (like serving room temperature beer). 

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Will a Beer Froster Freeze Beer at 25 Degrees?

What is unique to a Beer Froster is the temperature range, which reaches as low as 23F, and makes it one of the coldest beer fridges on the market. The alcohol and sugar in beer keeps it from freezing at 23 or 25 degrees, but you may what to store your beer at a warmer temperature to help bring out its flavor profile. Checkout our beer temperature guide for tips on how to store your beer in a Beer Froster.  

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Turbo Mode Frosts Beer Fast

If you forgot to put beer in the fridge before a party and need fast frosting, then turn on Turbo mode. Turbo Mode keeps the beer refridgerator compressor on for an hour straight to give you frosty beer fast. This beer fridge will get your brews party ready faster than any bag of ice or freezer ever could.  

Chill Restocked Beer in Record Time with Party Mode

When you restock your beer during a party, it’s hard to get the new bottles chilled before guests go for another round. Party Mode keeps the Beer Froster compressor on for six hours straight, so newly stocked beer can chill.  

Take Happy Hour Home with You

If you like to unwind after a long day with a Pale Ale over a Pinot Noir, then you need the right fridge to make sure your beer tastes its best. A Beer Froster is a beer fridge that not only chills your beverages quickly, but also stores them at the perfect serving temperature.  


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