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Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washing Machine

Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washing Machine

$49.95 Discontinued

  • EcoWash cleans your clothes with gentle but effective cycles, being extra-gentle on your delicates
  • Its rugged and durable design allows it to perform superbly for years to come
  • Lightweight, hand-cranked washing machine
  • Portable washing machine makes it easy to wash clothes anywhere - RV, camps, hikes, cabin, etc.
  • The incredibly convenient EcoWash portable washer enables you to wash nearly 5lbs of clothes in just 2 minutes
  • This hand-operated machine helps you conserve water and electricity
Avalon Bay EcoSpin Portable Clothes Washing Machine

Avalon Bay EcoSpin Portable Clothes Washing Machine

Regular price $99.95 $49.95 Discontinued

  • Attached drainage hose makes adding and releasing water mess-free
  • Compact design is easy to store when not in use
  • Efficient design thoroughly wrings clothes for faster drying
  • Gentle agitation cleans delicates and hand-washables
  • Hand crank washer works off the grid, anytime and anywhere
  • User-friendly design makes washing easy
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty

Portable Electric Dryers

Whether you’re looking for a portable dryer small enough for your small apartment or just want a laundry alternative that’s as eco-friendly as possible, our lightweight portable clothes dryers make it easy to keep your clothes in good form. We offer miniature electric dryers that make it easy to do small loads wherever you go.


Just because they’re small doesn’t mean you have to skimp on convenience features like timed dry, a stainless steel drum or a lint filter. Just add an indoor vent kit, and you’re ready to roll with NewAir’s portable clothes dryers. Add in a 1-year warranty, free same-day shipping and stellar customer service, and your laundry room couldn’t be better.

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