It’s hard to come across someone who doesn’t enjoy a crisp domestic beer or Belgian Ale at a refreshingly cold temperature. But how cold is too cold? This post will quench your thirst for more information on one of the best coolers for your brews: The Beer Froster.

Will A Beer Froster Freeze My Beers?

Thanks to the alcohol and sugar content in beer, it takes below zero temperatures to freeze them.

A Beer Froster is designed to reach a chilly 23ﹾF. The condensation on cans and bottles will freeze at this uncommonly low degree, but that’s what creates the outer frosty finish you’ve come to love when drinking a brewski.

No other beverage cooler can reach 23ﹾF, so if you want a beer with lasting chill then a Beer Froster is the way to go.  

Why Can’t I just Throw Beer in My Freezer?

We all know the sage old trick of tossing beer in the freezer 20-minutes before a party starts. This last-ditch attempt was the best chance at chilling beer in time.

While a quick freezer burn for your beer may seem like a good idea at the time, it runs the risk of destroying your stash. Once those brews fall below zero, they explode.

A Beer Froster keeps cans and bottles at 23ﹾF, making it the safest way to frost beer fast.

Does It Only Stay At 23F?

A Beer Froster is unique for its wide temperature range: 23-72F. If you have a varied collection, you can adjust the temperature of your Beer Froster to accommodate your beer style of choice.

Checkout the NewAir Beer Temperature Guide to figure out the best ways to store and serve your craft beer collection.

What Else Can I Put in My Beer Froster?

Because of a Beer Froster is designed with a wide temperature range (23-72F), you can store a variety of different beer styles and beer accessories in it.

The frosty 23 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is best for light beers, beer mugs, whisky glasses, and mini kegs. But you can also raise the temperature to host darker beers in your craft collection.

Party in Peace

Whether you need help crossing “chill beer” off your task list or want to improve your post-work evening ritual, then a Beer Froster is for you.

A Beer Froster is best way to frost beer fast (and without the foam). It also does so without the risk of exploding or freezing your precious stash. All this to say: enjoy your frosty beers and party in peace.


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