About 75 percent of our planet is water. But the vast amount of that 75 percent is salt water from our oceans, which can't be consumed, used for washing, or for feeding animals or vegetation. Another huge amount of that water is permanently frozen on the planet's North and South poles. What that leaves for human consumption is about 1 percent of the Earth's water.

As the U.S. population continues to grow, the amount of consumable water doesn't. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that on average, a family of four in this country uses about 400 gallons of water - daily. More than half of that usage involves the bathroom. About 400 gallons of water? That will fill the average bathtub 10 times! While we can't eliminate our need for water, we can learn ways to use it more efficiently and thus, use less. 

In the links that follow, find statistics on water usage in various geographic areas. Also here are stats on which area of the average household typically uses the most water. See information on the water cycle and how it affects all forms of life. Finally, there is an abundance of tips here for homeowners who want to actively conserve water and use it more efficiently.

Save Water   

Watering Lawns

Water use in U.S.

Facts about Water

Be Kind to the Environment

Protect our Water Supply

Costs of Frivolous Use

Reasons to Conserve

25+ Innovative Ways to Save Energy

Smart Usage

It's the Little Things

Less Water  

Scary Stats

Wise water consumers

Drought Map


Clothing Washers   

What is Graywater?

Rain Water

Water Treatment  

Great Efficiency

Water & Hospitality Industry  

Precious Commodity

Prevent Runoff


Kids' Activities  

Water Cycle

Water Cycle Game   


Water Movement

Rooftop Gardens

Blue Roof vs. Green Roof?

Water SIP

Great Water Info


Lawn and Garden Watering Tips  

Household Conservation

Water PowerPoint

Water Conservation

Water Resource


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