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Water Dispensers Are Fun!

Another parent once said to me at a soccer game…

“The best thing you can do for your children is get them to like regular water.”

Not Gatorade, not juice and certainly not soda.

It’s at soccer games where you find things out like little Trevor doesn’t drink water.

“He doesn’t what?” I respond bewildered.

He doesn’t like the taste of water so he doesn’t drink it.

So what does he drink? How is he still living? I really wanted to know why the kid didn’t disintegrate before my eyes.

“Gatorade, juice and occasionally chocolate milk,” his mom replied without a hint of shame.

You know Trevor’s parents and don’t pretend you don’t.

And if you are Trevor’s parents, you messed up a long time ago by addicting your kid to sugar in juice and chemicals in sports drinks.

Juice is perceived as being healthy but really it’s just liquid sugar.

And sports drinks are liquid chemicals branded by professional athletes that kids look up to and emulate.

Teens consume the most sugar

Hidden Calories in Juice
Fruit juice contains just as much sugar and calories as a sugary soft drink… and sometimes more.

The small amounts of vitamins and fiber in the juice do not make up for the huge amount of sugar.

Some children’s juice boxes can contain at least six teaspoons of sugars, the maximum ADULT daily intake of sugar.

That’s just one.

Multiply that by 4 and 5 and you are literally paving the way for child obesity and tooth decay.

A lot of juice brands that are “100 percent juice” are made with vast amounts of sugar hiding in the juice concentrates.

Chemicals in Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are a $3.9 billion industry.

In 2012 a teenager was guzzling a Gatorade and noticed a strange ingredient on the label, BVO.

She was shocked by what she found after a quick Google search.

The article that she read was a Scientific American report saying BVO contains bromine, which is also used as a flame retardant.

BVO was banned in Europe and Japan, yet is found in 10 percent of sodas in the U.S.

Some people even need medical attention after soda binges to get treated for skin lesions, memory loss and nerve disorders, all symptoms of overexposure to bromine.

She quickly got 200k people to sign a petition for Gatorade to remove it and another 70k for PowerAde.

It also got her in the top 10 all-time food-safety petitions for Change.org.

Pepsi owns Gatorade and Coke owns PowerAde and both quickly removed the ingredient.

But how many other chemicals remain?

There are 8 teaspoons of sugar in a 20-ounce bottle and:

  • Citric acid that erodes teeth
  • Artificial flavors
  • Synthetic food dyes
  • Chemical additives
  • Thickeners and stabilizers

Sports drinks were created for competitive athletes who needed to replenish carbohydrates, sodium and potassium lost through sweat.

They weren’t made for kids playing a 48-minute basketball game.

What upsets me the most is seeing these companies market directly to children.

We see commercials all the time that directly target children to consume sugar and chemicals.

Commercials Aimed at Children

More than one-third of all American children and adolescents are overweight or obese, and the U.S. has the fifth-highest childhood obesity rate in the world.

Just an fyi that that the United States is the only country where where these commercials are allowed.

Other countries restrict predatory junk-food Ads, but America won’t move on the issue.

62.5 percent of all advertisements during children’s programming are for food products.

The majority of adverts seen by children are for heavily processed foods high in fat, sugar, salt and calories.

Even Russia and South Korea are ahead of the U.S. on restricting the predatory commercials for children.

American Academy of Pediatrics 
The American Academy of Pediatrics says that water is “the appropriate first choice for hydration before, during, and after most exercise regimens”.
According to the AAP report, “For most children and adolescents, daily electrolyte requirements are met sufficiently by a healthy balanced diet; therefore, sports drinks offer little to no advantage over plain water.”

Kids should hydrate by drinking water and replace electrolytes through food like potassium and sodium in a banana and a handful of nuts.

According to Dr. Sears on Parenting.com, “Children need around one ounce of water per pound per day.

So, a 60-pound child should drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of fluids a day.

“Water lubricates the joints, cools the system, and makes muscles work efficiently and organs function properly,” Dr. Sears preaches.

It’s also the main fluid in blood and helps distribute nutrients throughout the body.

Growing brains need water to function and kids who aren’t sufficiently hydrated will have impaired concentration in learning.

The Dr. also notes when kids are sick, “It’s especially important for a child with a cold to drink lots of fluids as this keeps the membranes moist and the secretions thin and moving so they don’t get more infected.”

Why I got the Wat20W

I wanted something easy and fun to encourage kids to drink more water.

A stand alone dispenser is such a great way to do that.

Dr. Sears says the best way you can encourage kids to drink water is to make it accessible by placing it in a central location in your home.

I put mine in the dining room/living room where everyone hangs out.

Place Water Dispenser in a Central Location
  • Hot and cold water
  • Safety lock on the hot water
  • Stainless steel BPA Free reservoir
  • ENERGY STAR certified

The NewAir Pure Spring WAT20W BPA Free Hot/Cold Water Dispenser is a dependable, reliable, and efficient way to enjoy great-tasting drinking water in your home.
The NewAir WAT20W Pure Spring Water Dispenser makes it easy to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water in your home.

This hot and cold water dispenser uses a stainless steel reservoir, which prevents mold and eliminates the obnoxious plastic taste found in other water coolers.

To make loading easier, the dispenser comes with a built-water spike that punctures the seal of the water bottle as you tip it onto the cooler.

This allows you to keep the bottle sealed until it’s secured loaded into the cooler, preventing spills.

The dispenser chills water to 39°F and heats it to 185°F, the perfect temperature for coffee, tea, or even instant noodles, if you’re hungry.

To prevent accidents, there’s a safety lock on the hot water faucet.

Dogs Love the Wat20W too!

The WAT20W is ENERGY STAR certified, which means it’s been proven to heat and chill water using less electricity that competing coolers.

To conserve energy even further, it has shutoff switches for the hot and cold water tanks on the side of the dispenser, so you can disable them if you’re not using them.

It has an insulated storage cabinet in the base that let you keep napkins, paper towels, or cups close at hand.

To ensure its drinking water is healthy, the plastic in the WAT20W is 100 percent BPA-free.

The NewAir WAT20W is one of the most stylish water dispensers on the market.
Its bright colors and bold, black highlights let it blend into any room you put it in.

Easy and fun for kids to refill with WAT10W Filtration Bottle

This is a top-loading dispenser.

The water bottle is placed on top and drains down into the reservoir below.

To use, just press the button you want, and the water pours out of the single nozzle in front.

The water is stored in stainless steel tanks, which ensures it always has a crisp, clean taste.

Unlike plastic tanks, stainless steel tanks won’t give the water any flavors or odors, so the water always tastes fresh.

Easy to use buttons on top with hot water lock

To use the hot water, simply press up on the tab before you press down on the button.

Six-and-a-half inches below the faucet is a drip tray, which catches any water before the dog does.

The drip tray is low enough to accommodate most cups and glasses and is completely dishwasher safe.

If it ever gets dirty, just pull it off, rinse it out, and it’s good to go again.

If you need to keep any cups and paper towels on hand, there is a small storage space in the base of the unit.

The NewAir WAT20W can dispense over a quarter gallon of hot water and three-quarters of a gallon of cold water every hour.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and a lifetime of dedicated customer service from NewAir, a name you can trust.


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