The NewAir WAT40W Pure Spring Bottom Loading BPA Free Water Dispenser is a convenient and dependable way to enjoy fresh, clean water in your home or office.

Instead of being loaded onto the top of the dispenser, the water bottle is stored in the base and the water is pumped up into the reservoir. Place the cap and nozzle over the top of the bottle and slide it into the base. The water pump will start working automatically.

Once you’ve inserted the bottle, it will take a few minutes for the dispenser to heat or cool your water to the right temperature. The indicator lights on the front panel tell you what the cooler’s doing. There’s a power light, heating light, cooling light, and water light, which lets you know when the water bottle is empty and needs to be replaced.

Dispense the water by pressing the two brightly-colored tabs in front. The blue nozzle dispenses cold water and the red nozzle dispenses hot water. The red nozzle is equipped with a safety lock that prevents children from accidentally scalding themselves. To use, push the button in and then press down on the tab to dispense water. If you press the tab before you push the button, the faucet will lock and nothing will come out.

If you want to disable the hot or cold water, there are two switches on the back. The green one controls the cold water and the red one controls the hot water.

This hot and cold water dispenser can handle over half a gallon of cold water and a quarter gallon of hot water every hour. It comes in white or black, with a one-year warranty and dedicated customer service from NewAir, a name you can trust.


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