Winter is coming, and for some it’s already arrived. Electric space heaters are vital for staying warm on cold winter days. When choosing a space heater to be a constant companion during winter, it is important to select the right one. In this case, quality is more important than price, especially when it comes to you and your family’s safety. Here are five critical considerations when choosing an electric space heater for the home or office

1. Looks

Many people skip over the importance of how a space heater looks. During a cold winter, space heaters become permanent parts of the decor for several months. When choosing an electric space heater, it is important to pick one that looks as good as it works.

One of the most important considerations is the size of the space heater: a small desk heater can be very convenient, although it doesn’t have the same heating power as a larger model. The style, color and shape of the space heater should also match the general decor of the room. One of the most attractive space heaters is the QuietHeat15, which features a modern rounded-square design in minimalist black and white. Many people prefer this design to the more industrial look of Lasko heaters or Dr.Heater.


2. Noise Level

When shopping for a portable space heater, think about the noise it will produce. When choosing a space heater for a bedroom or other peaceful environment, look for one in the 32dB range, which is considered whisper-quiet.


3. Heating Area

Mini desk heaters are fantastic for keeping warm at work, but they won’t heat a large area. Room heaters are available for heating up a larger space. When shopping for large room heaters for the bedroom or living room, choose one with 400 square feet of heating area.


4. Safety

Electric space heaters are a common cause of house fires. Ceramic heaters are generally safer than coil heaters. Other safety features that can help to prevent fires include programmable timers that automatically shut off the heater, overheat shut-off features, and tip-over shut-off features.

5. Other Key Features

The best heaters offer other useful features, such as fan speed settings. An energy-saving eco mode makes it possible to limit the amount of electricity the space heater uses. Finally, many people enjoy owning a space heater that has a remote control, which means they can adjust the heat without getting out of bed or off the couch. The NewAir QuietHeat15 offers all these features, making it a great choice for the discerning heater buyer.


Learn more about NewAir Space Heaters:

  NewAir AH-400 Low Watt Oil-Filled Underdesk Heater

This compact unit is small enough to sit beneath a desk or along a wall, but powerful enough to give you the extra warmth you need. Built-in safety features include a tip-over switch and automatic shut off in case of overheating.

  NewAir AH-450B Electric Oil-filled Space Heater

The Newair AH-450B portable space heater is a great choice when it comes to convenience and portability. This heater has certified safety features such as overheat protection and a tip-over switch. It runs without a fan, so in addition to being silent, it also distributes heat easily.

  NewAir QuietHeat15 Portable Ceramic Space Heater

Keep your home toasty warm with the help of the NewAir Portable Ceramic Space Heater. With its compact size and sleek design, this heater makes a stylish and functional addition to a bedroom, dorm room, or home office. Whisper quiet operation means you can use this small heater at night, giving you undisturbed, comfortable sleep.



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