How to Set Up and Maintain a Wine Cooler

Once you have bought yourself a wine cooler, it is imperative that you know how to take care of it.

The set-up of the cooler is one of the first things to make sure you know how to do. Then, as you figure out the details of this process, you should learn the basic and simple maintenance, as well as any cleaning that needs to be done.

Just like owning a car, or a house, if one takes care of the wine cooler the proper way, then it will pay off in the long run.

Firstly, learning how to set up the wine cooler is an important set of steps to know. Before even getting into the installation process, there are many steps that you, as the owner of a wine cooler need to consider.

Selecting the perfect location for a new wine cooler is one of the most important points to consider while going through the installation process.

Unless it is one of the portable versions, chances are you won’t be moving it around a lot. Select the position carefully so you do not have to worry about changing it later on.

  • For optimum storage conditions, look for a piece of flat ground in the space where the wine cooler will be held, and plan to install it there.
  • Do not place the cooler on any inclines or in places where it can fall and break easily, such as a staircase.
  • Another thing to remember, location-wise, is to try to keep it away from a place where it will be sitting in any sun light.
  • Also, any area that gets hot easily is not ideal for a wine cooler. Making sure you place the wine cooler in the correct spot is key to keeping any maintenance costs low.

Consider an Alternative to Carpet

Moving along with the most optimum location for the wine cooler, you should avoid placing it on any type of carpeting. While some think that it is a great place to set a wine cooler, so it will not ruin any hardwood in the house or office, it is actually better to keep the cooler on an easy-to-clean surface.

Spillage and leaks do not happen very often but when they do, they can end up in major disasters ranging between the formations of mildew to the spoilage of wine due to such strong odors.

Because carpet is a common floor surface, many have no other option but to store their wine cooler on the carpet.

If this is the case, invest in a plastic mat. This is a great insurance option, so you do not ruin any surfaces. The plastic mat option is also a great idea if someone does not want to ruin their hardwood or tile flooring.

Points to Keep in Mind

  1. Keep the wine cooler away from any deteriorating agents such as water, dust or any other environmental factors that may ruin it. This will ensure the longevity of the wine cooler.
  2. If the wine cooler has not been standing upright, the owner must give it a minimum of two hours to settle before plugging it back in. The coolant in the wine cooler needs to settle down so it can perform at the perfect level.
  3. Finally, after buying the wine cooler, make sure to let the machine air out for a while before plugging it in and putting the wine bottles inside. Since “new wine cooler” smell can interfere with the quality of the wine, it is best to make sure that the smell of fresh plastic and painted metal is fully out of the cooler beforehand.

Now that the optimum storage area has been figured out, it is time to install the wine cooler.

First and foremost, it is extremely important to thoroughly read and understand the instruction manual to find out the specifications for that specific wine cooler.

If this is not done, the functioning of the wine cooler can be seriously impaired. 

Next, make sure that there is enough space for the cooler to ventilate safely. If the wine cooler’s vent is blocked in any way, it will not be able to cool down properly, which can severely hinder its operation and could cause it to overheat.

Reiterating a point made earlier, double check the footing of the wine cooler. Make sure that it is securely placed on a surface that will not make the wine cooler topple over. This could be a very expensive mistake, especially if wine bottles are already stored inside.

  1. Be sure to perform a running trial with the wine cooler, before filling it with bottles of wine. This should be done a couple hours before stocking, to make sure that it is working correctly. It will also save you from taking everything out, and placing everything back in the wine cooler again.
  2. If the plan is to install the wine cooler onto a wall or a shelf, make sure the attachments are secured as carefully as possible before plugging in the equipment. Secure the door carefully and avoid opening it too often to correctly analyze whether the wine cooler is functioning properly or not. Opening the door too often will affect the temperature inside.

Remember to pay special attention to all details. The wine cooler should be installed in a place that is basically the same size as the unit.

Believe it or not, even a few inches can hinder its functionality and cause general spatial discomfort. This is especially true if the idea is to use the space for a built-in wine cooler.

Keeping everything in mind for both the preparation, installation, and ventilation of the wine cooler will make for a smooth, well-functioning appliance.


Maintenance and upkeep for a wine cooler is, in general, pretty inexpensive. Because the internal mechanisms are made to last, the only parts that will need to be replaced or fixed at some point and time are all the superficial things, which will be much more likely to break down. These include wirings, interior lights, and other similar parts.

  • In addition, always make sure that the water in the drip tray is replaced as frequently as possible in order to prevent inconvenient mold or leakage. There are not any wine cooler models on the market that drain or remove the water automatically, so it will have to be done manually.
  • Besides this, make sure to clean the wine cooler periodically from the inside-out in order to maintain it functioning at the optimal level.
  • Keeping all these maintenance tips in mind is crucial to keeping the wine cooler running. Even though it is possible that something could go wrong with the cooler, the likelihood of this within the first few years of ownership is fairly low.

Just like any other product that requires regular maintenance, making sure that the wine cooler is properly taken care of, as well as keeping an eye on the cooling mechanisms, the life of the wine cooler will be prolonged significantly.

Cleaning Your Wine Cooler

While maintenance is an extremely important part of wine cooler ownership, keeping the unit clean is right up there with it. There are a few tips to keep in mind as you carry on with cleaning the cooler.

  1. The first, and probably most obvious, cleaning tip is to switch off the wine cooler before trying to clean it. This will minimize any chance of an electric shock. When looking into what kind of cleaners to buy for it, check out non-abrasive cleaning products and cleaning agents. This will ensure that the cooler will not get scratched during the process. If possible, look at making a homemade mild solution. Searching for these online would be the best bet.
  2. The racks, which are probably the most important part of the wine cooler besides the mechanism itself, should always be handled with extreme care. If these are damaged, storing bottles of wine will be very difficult, and the owner may have to look into replacement racks, which can get pricey.
  3. Be sure to pay attention to cleaning both the outside and the inside. Keeping up with polishing the outside of the wine cooler will ensure that its shine will stay longer.

After doing a thorough cleaning, be sure to let the cooler air out for a little while before putting it back together.

Final tips:

  • Check for any maintenance issues that are calling out your attention. Like said above, keeping up with the maintenance is crucial to the longevity of the wine cooler.
  • So, while taking care of the cleaning of it, check out all the other parts and make sure they are in working order. If not, take care of them right away. Do not let the problems sit and simmer, as they will only get worse.
  • In general, the wine cooler will need a good scrubbing about once or twice a year. Of course, if it is used more frequently, or an accident happens such as a bottle breaking, it should be cleaned more often.
  • Never leave any wine leakages unattended. Just like maintenance issues that are left unresolved, leakages can cause much bigger problems that are difficult to fix.
  • Although it may sound menial, cleaning is a hugely important part of owning a wine cooler.

Taking everything into consideration, the setup and upkeep of a wine cooler is nothing serious. As long as the maintenance, including the cleaning, is done on a regular basis, it will last for a very long time.

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