The world of wine—full of seemingly endless varieties, wineries, and brands—can seem overwhelming at first. Which is why wine etiquette is a great place to start your journey into the wine industry. It’s a quick way to boost your confidence in any scenario and let’s you enjoy the process of discovering your favorite bottle. Plus, there are many instances when wine etiquette comes in handy: 

  • Going on a wine tour in Napa 
  • Virtual wine tasting 
  • Hosting a dinner party 
  • Zoom or Skype gathering with friends 
  • A romantic date 
  • Attending a formal event 
  • Meeting the parents  

No matter the occasion, these tips will help you feel properly prepared and even excited to show off your poise and manners.   

Uncork bottles quietly and swiftly

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Sometimes opening a bottle is an event all in itself—it takes a little muscle and doesn’t always go off without a pop. In more refined settings, a loud uncorking draws a lot of attention. Look into new openers or take your time uncorking. You’ll come across as an expert when you open a bottle without a hitch.  

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Hold bottles near the base when pouring

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With a proper technique, you can reduce spills or messy pours. Holding your wine bottle toward the base is the ultimate pouring technique. Try to fight the urge of holding the bottle with two hands or near the stem. A base pour gives you more control and more prestige.  

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Fill glasses less than halfway

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If college was your initial introduction into wine etiquette, then you’re probably accustom to the full glass pour. But there is a reason behind pulling back the reins—other than pacing yourself. A smaller pour gives your wine room to breathe in the glass. Proper aeration brings out the flavor and aromas of wine. To get wine to taste it’s best, fill a glass with only 5-6oz of wine at a time.  

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Offer seconds to guests first

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Offering to fill your guests’ glass before your own is a good habit to get into. It’s thoughtful, respectful, and is a nice way of showing them you appreciate their company. Extra hosting points if you make sure their glasses never stay empty for long.  

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Don’t drink ahead, pace yourself

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This tip applies to hosts and guests alike. No matter where you stand at the next gathering, you don’t want to be the one cut off from over doing it. Plus, staying in pace with those around you helps you stay connect as a group. Everyone will be on the same page and able to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.  

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