Water Dispenser Review: Primo vs. Clover vs. NewAir

The average American drinks four cups of plain water a day, which is roughly 79,750,000 gallons for the entire nation. Most of that water comes from municipal sources, the stuff you get when you turn on the tap. Water from the tap is good, but unfortunately, we’ve also discovered that it’s prone to agricultural runoff, germs, and contamination from heavy metals, which is the reason why so many Americans are switching to water dispensers instead. A water dispenser provides quick and easy access to clean, bottled water in your home or office. They’ve actually become so popular that choosing one from among the dozens of models out on the market can be a dizzying headache. To help narrow the field a little, we weighed the pros and cons of three of the most popular water dispensers from the three most popular water cooler companies in the nation – Primo, Clover, and NewAir – to find out who provides the coldest, chilliest, and tastiest water in your home.

The Good The Bad  The Bottom Line

Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Function Lights Tell You What Dispenser is Doing Noisy. Weak Water Pump. Small Water Tanks Provides Multiple Water Temperature Options

Clover B7B Room Temp. & Cold Water Dispenser

No-Spill Top Adjustable Temperature Settings Difficult to Replace the Bottle. No Hot Water A Good Cooler for Your Home or Office

NewAir WAT40 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Compact Design. Powerful Compressor. Large Water Tanks Basic Heating/Cooling Features Only An Powerful and Efficient Water Cooler

Water Dispenser Criteria

We evaluated each dispenser using four criteria:

  1. Cooling & Heating Power: How good is each dispenser at cooling and heating water?
  2. Re-Filling: How easy is it to refill the dispenser?
  3. Additional Features: Does the dispenser include any additional features besides heating and cooling?

Cooling & Heating Power

Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser uses stainless-steel tanks and a powerful compressor system to cool and heat water. Unlike most water dispensers, which have only two temperature settings, hot and cold, the Primo 601090 has three: hot, cold, and cool. Cool water is chilled below room temperature, but not to the point where it’s freezing.

Once the water has been loaded into the cooler, the Primo 601090 is ready to dispense cool water almost right away. Hot and cold take a little longer. You’ll have to wait about an hour before the cold water reaches its lowest level, but only 15-20 minutes for the hot water to reach its highest level, which is near boiling. The tanks are made from stainless steel, which is good. It protects the water from contamination from outside odors. The bad news is that even though the Primo 601090 does a good job heating and cooling water, it doesn’t keep much on hand, compared to the other models on this list. The cold water tank holds only 51 ounces while the hot tank holds 34.

Clover B7B Room Temp. & Cold Water Dispenser
The Clover B7B Room Temp. & Cold Water Dispenser is a commercial-grade water dispenser. It comes with two water tanks made from 304 stainless steel. One is surrounded by copper refrigerant lines and can lower the temperature of your water all the way down to 38°F. The other tank has no heating or cooling apparatus attached to it at all. It just keeps water at room temperature, it doesn’t heat it. In fact the Clover B7B has no heating capabilities at all. It’s just for people who like their water cold or at room temperature.

NewAir WAT40 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The water in the NewAir WAT40 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser comes out freezing cold and piping hot. It uses a high-power, high-efficiency compressor system. It supplies its tanks with 100 watts of cooling power and over 400 watts of heating power, which means it can supply a large amount of hot and cold water very quickly.  It can store a whopping 122 ounces (3.6 liters) of cold water and 34 ounces (1 liter) of hot water in it’s tanks. It cools water to 39-45°F and heats water to 185°F and beyond.


Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is a bottom loading water cooler. The bottle slides into the bottom compartment and is connected to a pump using a cap that fits over the top of the water bottle. The cooler siphons the water up with a long hose that reaches all the way down to the bottom of the bottle. Once the old bottle is empty, you simply remove the cap, slide it out, and slide the new one in. The pump will automatically start suctioning water as soon as the hot and cold water tanks begins to run low.

The water pump is the only true downside to the Primo 601090. It’s not very strong and can break down after a year or two of heavy use.

Clover B7B Room Temp. & Cold Water Dispenser

The Clover B7B Room Temp. & Cold Water Dispenser is a top loading water cooler, which is much harder to refill than a bottom loading cooler. It requires you be able to lift up a 2, 3, or 5-gallon bottle of water and place it in the top of the dispenser, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. A 5-gallon water bottle weights over 40 pounds, which may be hard on seniors or individuals with back problems. You can compensate for the difficulty by squatting down and lifting the water bottle by extending your legs and keeping your back straight. This lets your leg muscles absorb the weight instead of your back.

The Clover B7B does have an advantage over older water dispensers. The old ones required you to remove the cap before you tilted the bottle into the top of the cooler, which led to a lot of splashing and spilling. That’s not a problem for the Clover B7B dispenser. It’s equipped with a splash guard: a spike that punctures the bottle as you lower it into the top of the cooler. This allows you to leave the cap on the bottle as you insert it and removes the risk of getting wet whenever you refill the dispenser.

NewAir WAT40 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The NewAir WAT40 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is just as easy to refill as the Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser. All you need to do is remove the seal from the top of the bottle neck, insert the hose, attach the cap, and slide the bottle into the bottom compartment. No heavy lifting required.

Additional Features

Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser has a wide array of additional features to make it easier to use it. The first are its function lights, which let you know what the cooler is doing. It has a light that lets you know the unit is plugged in and receiving power It has another light that lets you know when the unit is cooling water, another that tells you when it’s heating water, and a blinking red light that tells you when the bottle is out of water. It even has a nightlight that makes it easy to find and use the unit when it’s dark.

On the back of the unit is a set of switches that controls the heating, cooling, and nightlight functions. Flipping these switches allows you to disable on or all of these features, in order to conserve energy. The dispenser also comes with a safe guard that prevents children from dispensing hot water and a stainless steel drip tray that catches excess water droplets and has an indicator that alerts you when it’s full.

The most unusual feature on the Primo 601090 is the nozzle. Most water coolers dispense hot and cold water out of separate nozzles, but the Primo 601090 uses one nozzle to dispense all its water. Select the desired water temperature by pressing one of three buttons for each of the three temperatures and the cooler releases the water from the appropriate tank.

Clover B7B Room Temp. & Cold Water Dispenser

The Clover B7B Room Temp. & Cold Water Dispenser has a couple of basic features that make it easier to use as well. It comes with a leaky guard that prevents leaky bottles from dripping water all over your floor. It has a removable drip tray you can clean in the dishwasher, and a safety lock on the hot water nozzle. On the back it has a small thermostat that lets you adjust the water temperature between 38°F and 58°F. Turn it left or right to raise or lower the water temperature. Unfortunately, the temperatures on the thermostat aren’t marked and it’s not connected to a digital display, so the only way to know the temperature of your water is to pour a glass and test it yourself. The dispenser arrives with the thermostat already set to its most energy efficient level.

NewAir WAT40 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The NewAir WAT40 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser has a minimalist design and useful extras. It has two, brightly colored nozzles for hot and cold water, a drip tray for catch spills, and a child safety lock. Safety locks are an important feature for anyone who has small children around. Curious children aged 1-4 are often tempted to play with the water nozzles, which can result in burns and scalds. A child safety lock eliminates this danger. It requires you to press a special release in order to dispense any hot water and it keeps small children safe.

There are also four lights on the front panel that indicate the status of the cooler: power, cooling, heating, and water. The water light blinks when the bottle in the base of the unit needs to be replaced.

It also comes in two color options – white and black – which blend well into your home. They don’t clash with any of the colors on the color wheel, so they won’t stick out as an irritating eyesore.

Energy conscious homeowners will also appreciate the hot water shut off switch in the back, which disables the hot water heater and lets the unit just dispense cold water. If you just prefer cold water, the shut off switch lets you reduce energy consumption and reduces the strain on your electrical system.

 The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if all you really want is a water dispenser that can deliver lots of chilled water, you can’t go wrong with any of these units. If you want to keep close track of your water cooler’s performance, then the Primo 601090 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is the unit for you. It provides more water options and extra features than any other unit.

If you’re just looking for a powerful device that just heats and cools a lot of water, then the NewAir WAT40 is what you want. It doesn’t waste energy on extra frills. It delivers a large amount of refreshing hot and cold water in a small amount of time. Plus, it has it’s bottom loading, so you won’t strain your back refilling it. It’s the best choice for anyone who wants clean, crisp water on hand, whenever they need it.

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