Portable Icemaker: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Arming our kitchen with the latest gadgets and gizmos has been a trend since the dawn of time, because it makes cooking easier, more interesting, and a whole lot of fun. In the arena of innovative new kitchen accessories, a portable icemaker has become a strong and popular contender.

Some folks might question the need to utilize this appliance, when freezers equipped with icemakers are readily available. This may be true, but there are tons of advantages associated with an icemaker and reasons that it makes the perfect holiday gift.

NewAir, a brand long associated with high-quality appliances, offers counter top icemakers, along with other inventory, including their ABR-960 beverage cooler, ABR-1770 fridge, and an assortment of wine coolers.

Benefits of a Portable Icemaker

If you’re looking for the ideal holiday gift, look no further than a savvy portable ice maker. These small devices make customized ice of various sizes and don’t need continuous water supplies. It also takes as little as six minutes for these devices to prepare large quantities of ice – as much as 28 pounds in one day! The NewAir AI-100BK boasts a two-button control panel that enables you to easily select from three sizes of ice, so that you always have the perfect amount to keep your beverage cold and refreshing.

Available in an array of sleek colors and designs, icemakers can accommodate any home décor style, are super durable, and energy efficient.

Why Freezers Simply Won’t Suffice

  • Freezers in many homes are stocked to the brim, and it becomes tough to produce the required quantity of ice for special events, such as parties or holiday get-togethers
  • Freezers are not quick when it comes to producing ice
  • Since they only are equipped with small ice compartments, you’ll never have enough ice to go around

The Ideal Gift for a Kitchen or Home Bar

Igloo ICE101

A portable icemaker will make a great addition to any person’s kitchen or home bar. First and foremost, it’s very convenient. Icemakers are also extremely durable, which make them popular and long lasting picks. Enjoy the perfect size and amount of ice for parties, holidays, and other special events for years to come.

An icemaker is extremely cost effective. You can make fresh ice for yourself or your quests within minutes, and there is no need to rush to the grocery store to stock up on large bags of ice.
With minimal maintenance, an icemaker makes a superb gift. With side drains to get rid of excess fluids, you don’t need to put in any extra effort to clean your device.

Icemakers are also user friendly. The NewAir AI-100BK, for example, includes LED light indicators, two buttons, and an easy-to-navigate system to get ice quickly and easily; plus it’s a portable, counter top ice maker.

If you’re seeking the perfect holiday gift for loved ones that enjoy hosting parties, consider an icemaker.

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