Portable Air Conditioner Review: Rebecca Brand

At the end of a long hot day, you look forward to the comfort of your home. With portable AC, you can direct that cooling power to exactly where you hang out. Spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Set up the air conditioning unit in the kitchen, and enjoy a stream of cool air while you work. NewAir portable units come with caster wheels that roll smoothly from room to room.

Lower Your Electricity Bill

Central air conditioning units can be effective, but they take a big bite from your energy budget -- and from the public power grid. In Los Angeles, tens of thousands of customers suffered from a power shutdown in a recent heat wave due to “the surging demand for electricity as Angelenos ran their air conditioning day and night.”

The best portable air conditioners  save energy in three different ways:

  • They allow you to selectively cool the room you’re actually using. If you buy a btu portable air conditioner with the right cooling capacity for the number of cubic feet in your room, you can enjoy comfort without straining the energy grid or your budget. An average master bedroom, for instance, is just over 300 square feet, and a 14,000 btu portable air conditioner can cool up to 525 square feet.
  • A top pick electronic air conditioner like the NewAir AC-14100 has an energy efficiency boosting function. This consists of an internal water tank that provides the humidity that the compressor needs in order to function at peak efficiency.
  • Electronic settings allow you to set a timer or put the portable air conditioning unit into “sleep mode,” so you only use the power you really need. A range of temperatures and fan speeds can also be selected, via the control panel or the remote control.

Vent Warm Air Out of Your Home

A portable ac unit like the AC14100E comes with the necessary exhaust hose and all the fittings, so that it can be vented out a window or through a wall. When you watch Rebecca Brand’s detailed video review of this model, you’ll see how straightforward it is to set up.  You no longer have to pay the high price of central air conditioning in order to find comfort. Shop for the best portable ac unit and enjoy a cool, restful night!


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