What is a point-of-use water dispenser?

A point-of-use water dispenser is a common type of water dispensing system. It offers convenient access to water in businesses and residential applications.

Like all water dispensers, its primary function is to provide easy access to water however, a point-of-use water dispenser is different than typical water dispensers that they require a bottle to refill the tank.

  • Point-of-use water dispensers are hooked up to a water line and deliver water straight from the municipal water supply.
  • This type of application does not mean that it simply delivers tap water like a water fountain does.
  • Though, most point-of-use water dispensers are fitted with options to filter, chill, and even heat water on command.
  • The convenient options make point-of-use water dispensers a great option for those who prefer filtered water, or who want quick access to water that has been pre-heated or cooled.

How does a point-of-use water dispenser work?

A point-of-use water dispenser is one of the most convenient types of water dispensers because it offers a constant supply of water, without having to constantly refill water bottles into the tank.

A point of use water dispenser works by connecting to a water supply and drawing water in from the water line that is already in place.

Most point-of-use dispensers’ deliver water from the waterline, but provides cleaner and more refreshing water than tap water because it’s filtered and chilled within the dispenser.


A point-of-use water dispenser uses a replaceable filter to filter the water.

  • The filter is used to treat the water and make it more appealing to drinkers.
  • The filter treats the water to make it more aesthetically pleasing, correcting the taste, color, and order of the water to be more enjoyable than regular tap water.
  • Depending on where you live, a point-of-use dispenser can be a necessary option for avoiding the hard water delivered from the faucet, without going through hundreds of bottles of water.
  • This can save you money, and contribute to saving the environment.

Hot & Cold Functions

A point-of-use water dispenser, depending on its functions, may also have the option to provide hot or cold water on command.

This function is appealing to many. Having hot water, without having to boil it, is a convenient way to have access to hot tea, instant coffee, or even “just add water” lunches.

  • A point-of-use dispenser that offers these options to heat and cool water and stores water in tanks, is usually made of steel.
  • One tank is used to store hot water; one is used to store cold water.
  • These tanks are outfitted with a mechanism that heats or cools the water, depending on the tank.

Obviously, electricity is required to keep a point-of-use water dispenser functioning because the heater and the refrigerated portion of the dispenser requires a power source in order to function.


Point-of-use water dispensers are similar to other water dispensing systems because they have the same primary function; deliver water.

So, despite the size, shape, or other functions of the dispenser most of them have the same mechanisms.

The water that is stored in the tank is quickly accessible by drinkers by simply turning a knob or pressing a button associated with the type of water they are accessing (either hot or cold, if applicable).

Once the button is pressed, or the knob is turned, water is poured out of the spigot or tap into the user’s cup.

The tank is continually refilled from the main water line that the dispenser is hooked up too, so the user has unlimited access to drinking water.

Benefits to Point-of-Use Dispensers

In an office setting, a hot water dispenser can save employers money by reducing the amount of time employees spend preparing tea or water that would typically need a stove or a microwave to heat.

Cold water is a must have, as most people prefer the taste of cold water over room temperature water. Having cold water in a business is pleasing for both employees and clientele.

  • At home, a point-of-use dispenser is an excellent choice for families with children, because the knob or button used to pour the water can be easily used by a child, giving children access to cold water without having to operate the sink, which may be too high for young children to reach.
  • The convenience of point-of-use water dispenser is two-fold as, unlike bottled water dispensers, the point-of-use dispenser has unlimited access to water, since it’s hooked directly into the main water supply.
  • Point-of-use water dispensers are also better for the environment, as they reduce the need for bottled water. The plastic in bottled water is harmful for the environment, and point-of-use dispensers reduces or eliminates the necessity of bottled water by providing convenient access to clean and filtered water.

Point-of-use dispenser are an excellent choice for providing filtered, cooled, and heated water to your household or office.


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