If you’re looking for a uniquely thin yet powerful garage heater, we at NewAir have got you covered with the NewAir G80 Ceiling Garage Heater.


First and foremost, this heater is as thin and compact as garage heaters can get, but still packs a punch in its heating output. It may not look like it covers 500 square feet, but it does. In fact, it is powerful enough to be suited to commercial and industrial ceilings.

Here are some specifications:  

  • Product Dimensions: L: 16.00″ x W: 16.00″ x H: 5.13″
  • Product Weight:40 lbs.
  • Product Color: Black
  • Stainless Steel Construction

From what the product dimensions tell you, this garage heater is smaller than your average. This is convenient because it is supposed to be mounted to your ceiling to stay out of the way and give you as much floor space as you may need in your garage, workshop, or commercial setting.

Also, while the G80 heats from above, it will not hang so low as to interfere with any tall equipment you are working on or have stored in your garage.

This heater is also small enough to go in other places besides a garage or workshop, like a “man cave” or a game room. The unit looks masculine and sleek enough to fit into either setting.

And this ceiling heater is actually more appealing in a man cave because there is more room for the impressive furniture and equipment that make man caves a masculine paradise.

In a game room, there are less safety hazards with the heater on the ceiling because there is more room for Foosball tables, pool tables, or for horsing around.

If you’re curious to know just how much the G80 heats, look at these heating specs:

  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Watts: 5000 watts
  • BTUs: 17,060
  • Heating Method: Fan-forced
  • Coverage Area: 500 square feet
  • Certifications: UL, CUL

This fan-forced heater uses electricity to power the fan, which blows air out through the grid-patterned grill. This grill ensures evenly distributed heat throughout the total of 500 square feet it is able to cover. It’s 240 volts means that this small-ish garage heater is just as powerful as a bulkier model. However, the G80 is a lot more sleek, with its stainless steel construction that has been colored black, so it hold a special place in the NewAir family of heaters as both stylish and highly functional.


The G80’s features are few, but they are versatile and they do the job!

The 2 way switch control also allows for you to choose between a fan-only option, and a heat + fan option of operation so that if you feel like you have enough heat in your garage, you can just use the fan only setting to circulate that heat until things cool down enough to turn on the heat and fen settings.

There really is no way to turn it off once it wired and installed. The only way to turn it off is to run it on the fan only feature. That is, unless you switch off the circuit breaker, which acts as a kind of on/off switch.


In addition to the two major benefits of a sleek design and great performance, a third factor acts as another benefit: safety.

The G80 is an electric garage heater, which means you will have more peace of mind instead of the anxieties that come with propane or gas fueled heaters.

The risk of fire is a lot less pronounced. And while gas-powered heaters must be regularly serviced, the performance and safety of electrical products depend more on proper and easy regular maintenance. Additionally, the threat of toxic vapors is absolutely nonexistent with electrical appliances.

The extent of this ceiling heater’s safety claims are especially true because of the safety features the G80 is built with: the Thermal Cut-Off Switch. This automatically turns the heater off when it gets far too hot to be safe.

However, that doesn’t mean that caution should not be exercised, since even electrical equipment have the potential to start fires. Avoiding this is all about proper, basic safety measures.

Important safety measures for this heater:

  • This heater is hot when in use. To avoid burns, do not let bare skin touch the hot surface. Always use the handle when moving this heater. The trim around the air outlet grille becomes hot during heater operation. Keep combustible materials such as furniture, pillows, bedding, papers, clothes, and curtains at least 3 feet (0.9 m) from the front of the heater.
  • Do not install less than 8 feet (2.4 m) from the floor or closer than 3 feet (.9m) to any vertical surfaces or walls. Otherwise the heater is prone to dangerous overheating.
  • Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening as this may cause an electric shock or fire, or damage to the heater.
  • To prevent a possible fire, do not block air intakes or exhaust in any manner. Do not use on soft surfaces, like a bed, where openings may become blocked.
  • All electrical heaters have hot, arcing, or sparking parts inside. Do not use in areas where gasoline, paint, or flammable liquids are used or stored or where the unit will be exposed to flammable vapors.


This unit is meant to be wired to an individual electrical circuit protected by a 30 Amp circuit breaker. Anyone can do this themselves, and there are instructions in the manual for you to do so.

Actually mounting the unit is a whole other set of instructions, like the following:

  1. Loosen the 4 screws to remove the housing of the unit.
  2. Keep the unit at least 8 feet (2.4m) away from the floor. This minimum distance must be maintained.
  3. Do not install closer than 3 feet (0.9 m) to a vertical surface.
  1. Mark the drill-hole positions in the ceiling for the mounting bracket.
  2. Drill the required holes sized to fit the anchor provided for positioning the mounting bracket.
  3. Insert the anchors.
  4. Attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling and secure with mounting screws.



  1. Hook the unit to the mounting bracket and let the unit hang from the mounting bracket.
  2. Loosen 2 screws to remove the wiring compartment cover.
  3. Run the electrical power supply cable and connect to the wiring compartment via the knock-out at back side of the unit.
  4. Make the correct electrical connections to the G80 and after making the connections, arrange the pigtail leads of the unit and power supply wires in the wiring compartment.
  5. Replace the wiring compartment cover and lock in place with 2 screws.
  6. Secure the unit to the bracket with screws.
  7. Replace the housing and secure with screws.


The Select switch on the heater is for function selection only.  Use the circuit breaker as your power switch.  The circuit breaker should be installed by a certified electrician and be located in line of sight of the heater location or should be capable of being locked in the open position. Follow the operating instructions to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, injury or death.

  1. Switch on the circuit breaker to turn on the heater.
  2. When the Select switch on the heater is at the FAN ONLY position, only the fan is on.
  3. Press the switch to FAN and HEATER position and the heater will run at 5000W and the light will turn on.
  4. To turn off the heater, switch off the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker serves as the power switch.


If you ever have a problem with the G80, rest assured it is fixable!




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