NewAir Wine Coolers Ranked in Top 5 at TopTen Reviews

We at NewAir are proud to say we have one of the top 5 wine coolers on the market, according to TopTen Reviews.

Why a NewAir Wine Cooler?

Would you ruin a good wine on purpose?


 Perhaps you should consider putting that bottle in a NewAir wine cooler, so it can reach its maximum potential in flavor.

Flavors change with temperature

First you might tell yourself that the food fridge is perfectly capable of keeping your wine cool.

However, recent tests show that the use of a wine cooler, results in keeping that liquid at the correct temperature required for the best taste.

You do not need to be an expert in wines to enjoy the vast varieties available, but with a wine cooler:

  • You will soon become an expert in knowing your favorite and flavors.
  • Then you will come to realize how important it is to serve red, white & rose wines at differing temperatures.

Ask yourself, would you serve a cup of hot chocolate, cold, in the middle of winter? It would not make much sense; the hot chocolate would not give you much pleasure if it did not warm you up, as its name states.

So, why would you serve your wine at the wrong temperature?

Wines can be ruined if stored at the wrong temperature. If the room temperature is too hot for a person, then imagine what it will be doing to a bottle of liquid.

Fluctuating temperatures are not good for wine, so how do we resolve this issue? We do not all have the luxury to access a stone walled basement to call our wine cellar.

Caring for your investment

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the pleasures of different tasting wines. We all understand that different meals require a variety of wines.

NewAir Wine Coolers Ranked in Top 5 at TopTen Reviews

To keep those wines flavorsome, then storage is an important factor, in the element of taste. This is where you will need a Wine Cooler.

  • Keeping wine in a cool cellar with stone walls, is effective in storing aging wine.
  • A Wine Cooler is perfect for keeping the wine in its recommended humidity, when you are within a few months of using it.
  • Wine coolers are also perfect for those bottles that do not need aging.

Choosing a Wine Cooler

You find a bottle of wine you have really enjoyed. Then you find another, and another. You are now collecting those wonderful flavors and have turned into a wine enthusiast.

Each bottle tastes different, each bottle is individual. Each bottle needs a different type of care in its storage. Now you need a special place for those special bottles.

Choosing a Wine Cooler is about as daunting as choosing a good bottle of wine. You need to tailor it to your own needs:

  • Varying sizes: Consider your available space. How many bottles do you wish to keep at hand?
  • Looks matter: You want to complement your existing furniture.
  • Different temperature zones are important for the variety of wines.
  • Bottles vary in sizes, and so does shelving

Top Ten Reviews

This online platform compares and analyzes information to provide a quality assessment for the consumer.

  • Their recent survey on Wine Coolers, allows us to understand the comparable differences available, without a biased view.
  • The pricing within the leading Top Ten Reviews, varies from $214 to $824.
  • To enable maximum care for those chosen wines, you will need to be comparing the performance of your full investment.

When we study their recent survey, it is not easy to differentiate the value of the top five best performing Wine Coolers.

  • The NewAir model appears to be chosen three times in the top five.
  • In all three models NewAir AW-321EDNewAir AW-210EDNewAir AWC-330E reach the Highest Adjustable Temperature, in comparison to the other models within the top five.
  • While the EdgeStar and Avanti, are also featured in the top five, neither of these were deemed to have the feature of Thermoelectric Cooling Units, which uses quiet, energy efficient fans to draw out the warm air in the cooler. This is an added bonus in all the NewAir models.
  • Slide Out Shelving is a feature in all the top five, as is that all important Adjustable Thermostat and LED Interior Lighting.
  • They are all designed in black or stainless steel, with varying sizes. As a stand alone piece of equipment, this allows you to place it in the room that is better suited to your needs.
  • Other optional features include; Reversible Doors, Lockable Doors and Metal or Wooden Shelves.
NewAir Wine Coolers Ranked in Top 5 at TopTen Reviews

Once your Wine Cooler is up and running, you can rest assured that Customer Services are close at hand, should you need them. All the Top Five units have the following support:-

  • 12 months Warranty
  • Telephone Support
  • Replacement Parts

You should check the details of your personal warranty upon purchase, and also register your unit, to take advantage of these features.

All you need to do now is the entertaining.

Whether you enjoy the companionship of friends and family or simply wish to accompany a good meal with the perfect drink, your wine cooler is a feature that you will soon come to rely upon.

With the confidence of knowing you are bringing out the full flavors of your valued vino, you will soon be enjoying the sophisticated feature of cooling technology, within your own home.


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