NewAir WAT30B Top Loading Water Dispenser Review

The NewAir WAT30B Pure Spring Triple Tap Water Dispenser with BPA Free Materials provides reliable access to hot and cold water twenty-four hours a day.

To use it, simply plug it in and put the water bottle up on top. The water drains down into the reservoir, where it’s cooled and heated automatically. To reduce the risk of spills, the cooler is equipped with a splashguard and bottle spike. The spike punctures a hole in the bottle cap, so you can leave it on as you load the bottle onto the cooler. That way the water stays in the bottle until it’s fully inserted.

When you lift the bottle, make sure you lift with your knees, not your back. This prevents you from pulling any muscles. Insert the nozzle into the top of the cooler and lift up the base. Once the bottle’s on top of the cooler, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the water to be heated or chilled to the right temperature.

The lights on the side of the unit let you know what it’s doing. The orange one indicates that it’s powered on, the red one in the middle lets you know when it’s heating, and the green one on the bottom lets you know when it’s cooling.

When the cooler’s ready, dispense water by pressing down on one of the three buttons on the top. The one on the right dispenses cold water, the one in the middle dispenses room-temperature water, and the one on the left dispenses hot water. The hot water button has a safety lock on it to prevent children from accidentally scalding themselves. To use it, push up on the red tab down and then press down on the button. Each button releases water through a different nozzle.

The removable drip tray below the nozzles catches any stray droplets that might fall. If it gets too full, you can remove it and rinse it out. It’s completely dishwasher safe.

Below the drip tray is a storage cabinet for cups, napkins, or paper towels.

This hot and cold water dispenser can handle over half a gallon of cold water and a quarter gallon of hot water every hour. It comes with a one-year warranty and a lifetime of dedicated customer service from NewAir, a name you can trust.


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