NewAir Space Heater Safety Tips

Learn how to keep warm while staying safe this winter season.

Heating equipment is one of the most common causes of house fires in the United States. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that more than 25,000 residential fires are caused by space heaters every year. These fires result in hundreds of deaths and countless injuries, not to mention billions of dollars in property damages.

Space heaters are a convenient source of heat for your home during the long, cold months of winter. While all NewAir space heaters are built from the ground up with your safety in mind, improper use can turn even the safest space heaters into a serious fire risk.

Safety should always be the number one concern when dealing with a space heater. Luckily, the experts at NewAir have put together these safety tips to ensure your home is safe and warm during the cold winter months.

Give Your Space Heater Ample Room To Operate

To ensure your space heater provides your home or office with the optimal amount of heat, be sure to give it the clearance it needs to operate. Some space heaters can be hung up on your wall, but the most common units need space in order to effectively heat your room or office.

With space heaters, it’s recommended that they positioned at least three feet away from any bedding material, furniture, rugs, clothing, and other potentially combustible objects. If your space heater is placed too close to any of these items, you’re at risk of causing a fire. It’s also recommended that you never drape or set anything on top of a space heater to further prevent against fire risk.

In addition, be sure your space heater is placed on a hard, level surface to avoid it tipping over.

If you’re looking to make your work area a more comfortable space, be sure to check out NewAir’s line of garage space heaters. These heaters aren’t just for garages, but are also used to heat up workshops and other hard-to-heat spaces. 

Plug Your Space Heater Directly Into An Outlet

Generally, it’s encouraged to plug your electric space heater directly into an outlet. Attaching an extension cord to your heater will increase the likelihood of overheating, raising the chances of causing a fire.

If you must use an extension cord, be sure to use one that is properly sized for your space heater. Otherwise you’re putting your home at risk of an electrical fire.

Regularly Clean & Maintain Your Space Heater

It’s very important to occasionally inspect your space heater, especially when you first make the purchase. Inspecting your heater, along with frequently cleaning it, will ensure that it’s working properly and won’t malfunction.

Wiping your space heater down with a dry cloth will help reduce the amount of dust and pollen that may be around your unit. Of course, be sure to make sure your heater is turned off and completely cool before cleaning it to eliminate the risk of painful burns.

Unplug Your Space Heater When Not In Use

When your space heater is not being used, it’s important to not only shut off the unit, but to unplug it as well. Many space heater models, like the NewAir AH-470 Flat Panel Micathermic Space Heater, feature a programmable timer which allows you to program automatic times that your heater will turn on and shut off. This is a helpful feature for when you go to bed at night or for when you head off to work in the morning.

To help avoid electrical fires, it’s recommended to unplug your space heater from the outlet when not in use. Even though the unit may be turned off, it’s still considered a safety hazard if it remains plugged into an outlet. It’s an extra precaution that only takes a few seconds of your time and is well worth the investment.

Keep Your Heater Away From Any Water Source

Unless otherwise stated in a user manual, you should refrain from placing your space heater in a bathroom, damp basement, or near any other wet area in your home or office. Also, you should refrain from touching your space heater if you are wet, as this increases the likelihood of an electrical shock.

Final Words

Space heaters are an excellent source of additional heat for a room, home, or office. However, it’s important that you educate yourself about the safety hazards that come along with investing in a space heater and the improper use of these units. Knowing how to keep yourself safe will give you some added peace of mind as you keep your home warm and comfortable this season.

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