NewAir’s Premier Wine Cooler
NewAir AWR-1600DB Dual Zone 160 Bottle Wine Cooler

NewAir is pleased to announce a new addition to their Premier Gold Line – the NewAir AWR-1600DB Premier Gold Series Wine Cooler. This is a powerful and versatile wine fridge built for wine lovers and connoisseurs. Its spectacular storage capability and powerful cooling system makes it the perfect way to age, preserve, and protect your entire collection.

Dual Zone Cooling

The NewAir AWR-1600DB has a dual zone cooling system that can hold up to 160 bottles. The upper zone, for your whites, can be set for 40°-50°F. The lower zone, for your reds, can be set for 50°-66°F. They’re each controlled by a LCD digital display and an independent thermostat that monitors and adjusts the air flow in each zone, to prevent it from rising above your desired settings.

Easy Storage          

Unlike other wine coolers, which use slotted shelving, the NewAir AWR-1600DB has a three rail sliding shelf system that allows the shelves to slide 2/3 of the way out of the cooler, even when they’re fully loaded with wine, guaranteeing quick and easy access to your wine. Each shelf is made of beech wood and can hold 11 bottles, set end-to-end, and there’s even an over-sized rack on the bottle for larger bottles, like champagne.

Lustrous Display

Because it’s as much fun to show off your wine as it is to drink it, the NewAir AWR-1600DB has gold, interior lighting in both zones. The light gives your wine a lustrous aura that sets it off from other wine coolers. The brightness can be adjusted, high or low, to suit your mood and time of day. Turn it up when guests are around, or turn it down to let you find your wine without disturbing your home.

Solid Construction

The NewAir AWR-1600DB is made from cold, rolled steel with three layers of insulation and a double pane glass door that protects the contents against heat and cold. It’s front-venting, so it can be used in freestanding or built-in applications. Set it up along the wall, or built it into the walls of your kitchen or dining room. It’s 23.5 inches long, 26.8 inches wide, and 56 inches high. It weighs 183 pounds and is ETL certified.

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NewAir’s Wonderful New Wine Cooler

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