The dual-zone controls are perfect for this wine cooler since cans of soda and beer are stored at colder temperatures than most wine bottles. The top zone handles temperatures between 37°F – 50°F while the bottom zone ranges from 50°F – 66°F. If you do not need to store soda, beer, or other beverages like that, the top zone is perfect for storing sparkling wine at a cooler temperature. Most wine coolers have a light and this wine cooler is no exception with a very nice blue light shining in both the top and bottom zones. You can find the fridge Find the fridge here

The wine cooler can be built-in underneath a kitchen counter, but I opted to use it as a free-standing wine cooler. The wine cooler is stated to hold 13 wine bottles and 48 cans. Wine bottles come in all different sizes, so your mileage may vary by what wine bottles you do store.

The top two shelves work great for cans, but some people prefer bottles too, and they will work in this wine cooler too. Replace the top shelf with the SplitShelf and you now have a storage area for those taller items. This is nice for that storage, but I’m not sure how I would get a can out of the back half-shelf without moving all the bottles first. I’ll have to think about that one.

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