If you're looking for a commercial-grade ice maker that can also be used at home, Newair's new undercounter 80lb clear ice cube maker is worth checking out. This impressive machine can produce up to 80 pounds of crystal-clear ice daily, which is perfect for businesses that serve a lot of drinks, as well as for those who want to host parties at home.

One of the most significant advantages of this ice maker is its speed. With its advanced FrozenFall™ ice making technology, you can have 40 cubes ready in just 15-30 minutes. This is perfect for busy bars or restaurants that need to keep up with the demand for drinks, as well as for home users who don't want to wait for hours to have enough ice.

The clear ice produced by this machine is of superior quality. It's made to fizz less, melt slower, and keep impurities out. The FrozenFall™ ice making technology creates ice in layers, which keeps air bubbles and other impurities from getting trapped in your ice. These layers also provide the perfectly clear ice that cocktail aficionados crave, and it melts more slowly, which means that your drinks won't get diluted as quickly.

 Daily Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine
 Daily Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine

The ice maker's stainless-steel construction is durable and perfect for commercial applications, including hotels, bars, and restaurants. The fingerprint-resistant finish also looks great in-home kitchens with busy families. The non-reversible door opens to the right and features a full-length handle, making it easy to open and close.

In addition to its impressive ice-making capabilities, the Newair undercounter ice maker also comes with several convenient features. The machine has LED controls and a 24-hour timer, which means that you can set it to make ice when you need it. The ice maker also includes a self-cleaning function, which makes it easy to maintain and keep clean. Finally, the ice maker has ice thickness controls, so you can decide how thick you would like your ice cubes to be.


In conclusion, if you're in the market for a high-quality ice maker that can produce clear ice quickly and efficiently, the Newair undercounter 80lb clear ice cube maker is an excellent choice. Its speed, quality, and convenience make it perfect for commercial applications or for home users who want to host parties and entertain guests. With its impressive features and superior construction, this ice maker is sure to meet all of your ice-making needs.


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