Are you ready to step up your game when when it comes to entertaining? Does your bar area look a bit tired? It’s easy and fun to refresh the look of your home by updating your mini bar; with a small investment of energy and some repurposed materials, you can transform your living room and become a more laid-back, efficient host. Look online for some cool bar ideas -- HGTV has some great ones -- and then put on your DIY hat.

Update Your Home’s Aesthetic

Home decor goes in and out of style. Even if you don’t pay attention to trends, you (and your friends) will definitely notice a different vibe when you transform a dated outdoor bar or man cave into a contemporary entertainment zone. Once you clear away the knickknacks and photos that have found their way onto your countertop, you can decide on what you really want in your DIY bar. In  Rachel Metz’s “Living to DIY” video on updating a bar area, you’ll learn how to switch from an outdated tile backsplash to a one that uses sleek wood boards -- all using inexpensive or vintage look materials. Rachel has a down-to-earth approach to every part of her project - she even shows how to make a modest liquor collection look bigger, by carefully positioning the most appealing bottles.

Add Functionality with a Wine and Beverage Cooler

One you store all your wine, spirits, mixers and beer in a bar cart, your guests never have to leave their bar stools to go rummaging through your kitchen again. Everything is at your fingertips: wine glasses hung upside down above the small bar, beer mugs chilling in the wine and beverage cooler, and your wine rack and bottle opener conveniently at hand.   

In her video, Rachel shows you all the tools you need, and takes you along on her DIY project as she figures out the best way to demolish an unneeded cabinet and replace it with an under counter wine cooler. She and her partner definitely put their whole bodies into positioning the NewAir AWB-360DB built-in wine and beverage cooler into a small space.

Get your DIY on by watching Rachel’s video, and see if your game room or small apartment have untapped potential for an “all in one” home bar.


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