Mamas on a Dime Reviews the NewAir WAT40B

Doing your best to live within a budget? It’s not easy. Just ask our friends over at Mamas on a Dime. They’re a pair of sisters – Jacki and Becky – raising kids out in Salt Lake City. Becky recently got a fridge with a water dispenser and Jacki was amazed at how much more water her kids started drinking when they went over to visit. Forget about juice or milk. Suddenly, water was all they wanted. Sadly, Jacki didn’t have enough room in her kitchen for a fridge with a water dispenser. The good news was she didn’t need one. She installed the NewAir WAT40B Pure Spring Water Dispenser instead, and is enjoying all the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

The freestanding water dispenser comes in black or white, which makes it easy to fit into her kitchen, and Jacki loves that it comes with safety lock that keeps her kids safe. The water is nice and cold, and the hot water is perfect for making hot chocolate for her kids. It’s a great addition to her kitchen that’s going to keep her kids well-hydrated for a long time to come.

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