It’s about to get hot everywhere so keep your dog cool with filtered water and these helpful guidelines.

Temperatures over 100 degrees and brutally high humidity will combine to deliver a potentially dangerous heat wave too much of the central and southern U.S. this week.

“This may be one of the worst heat waves in the last few decades,” the National Weather Service warned.

Some 130 million Americans will endure heat indexes of at least 100 degrees, according to the Weather Channel.

Just like a baby, a dog will become dehydrated and will not be able to tell you.

Dehydration can occur quickly, sometimes within an hour depending on the temperature.

So be on the lookout for warning signs and follow these guidelines.


  • Pay attention! If your dog is dehydrated, you will notice unusual behavior like restlessness or pacing.
  • If your dog lick his lips or acts anxious as if it is unable to find enough water.
  • Dogs will also lie with their nose resting against their water bowl.


The scruff is the loose skin over the dog’s shoulders or at the back of its neck.

This measures the skin’s elastic recoil, which decreases with dehydration. You may have seen the vet do this test.

  • Grab the skin and gently raise it two to three inches above the dog’s back in a vertical direction.
  • Release the scruff. Hydrated skin springs back instantaneously.
  • If the skin takes more than two seconds to return to normal, the dog is dehydrated.


Normal dog gums are moist and shiny but dehydrated dogs have:

  • Dry or tacky gums
  • Less saliva


It means the dog’s kidneys are working extra hard to recycle water if a dog does not drink enough water:

  • Very concentrated and a deep yellow color
  • If your dog seems be urinating less than usual


If dog seems sick and giving it water doesn’t help:

  • Contact your veterinarian
  • Your dog might need an IV to protect its organ functions and rehydrate


Allow your dog to step outside and feel for itself that it is too hot to go on a long walk. Instinctually, the dog will protect itself and shorten its walk, or go back inside where it’s safe. Exercise your dog early in cooler parts of the day or have some water fun with the hose:

  • Morning run
  • Late night walk
  • Instead of walking, take the dog swimming

Ways to Cool Your Dog

Find Innovative ways to cool your pooch.

  • Water play: find a shaded spot to set up a kiddie pool
  • Misting fans
  • Sprinklers
  • Wet towel for dog to lie on

According to Cesar Millan, dogs cool from the bottom up so make sure to cool paws and stomach and let your dog dig.

Dogs in nature dig their dens for shelter and dig to find food, hide, give birth–or keep cool! Locate a shady area where it’s okay for your dog to dig.

Access to Water

Make sure your dog has ample water, especially on hot days.

  • Leave 2 bowls of water out in case the dog drinks all of its water, or knocks its bowl over.
  • Change the water often, dogs prefer fresh, cold water.

Toilet Drinking

Why, why, why does my dog drink out of the toilet in the summer when he has access to a water bowl?

Water gets stagnant and stale after sitting for long periods of time. This means it’s no longer cool, and fresh, which is what your dog prefers.

In the summer months, this desire for cold water is heightened.

In addition the water bowl may lie around for hours, and has bits of food that collect in stagnant water.

The water also sits in a bowl of metal or plastic tastes like that material.

Add all these factors together and your pooch might fall in love with toilet water.

The bathroom itself can be a cool and comforting space for many dogs.

It has cool tiles to lie on, a cold spring and relaxing atmosphere, it’s like a freakin’ spa for dogs.

 How To Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat

NewAir Filtered Water tastes great!

Combat toilet water drinking with filtered water

You can’t control everything that goes in your dog like slippers, the remote control or dry wall.

But you can control your puppy’s water intake.


What’s the Difference in taste between filtered water and tap water?

85 percent of the U.S. population gets their water from municipal systems that come from rivers or lakes.

Tap water makes the long trip from a treatment plant to pipes below city streets, then it gets into you.

The tastes of all of those elements, as well as the source of the water itself, can make tap water taste not so great.

Water may taste earthy, sulfuric, chlorine, metallic and swampy.

These flavors can come from algae, bacteria, disinfectants, wildfires, minerals and decaying vegetation.

Water that tastes fishy, earthy, dirty, moldy or musty is likely to have an algae blooms at the source or somewhere along the way.

Medicinal and bitter taste means there is usually the presence of copper in the water from the corrosion of plumbing.

Copper can turn hair light green and be toxic to aquarium fish.

Gasoline taste means animals fell into an open water supply or may be a contamination from nearby fuel sources.

Metallic taste means zinc, iron and manganese could be in the water.

The presence of zinc is generally due to the corrosion of galvanized plumbing.

Salty taste means a high concentrations of chlorides can cause a salty taste.

A sudden change in saltiness can also mean sewage has gotten into the water supply as waste is high in sodium.

Sulfur or rotten egg tastes or smells can mean bacteria is in the system due to the decay of organic material.


How To Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat
NewAir Large Capacity Pure Spring Water Filter

The NewAir WAT10W Pure Spring Water Filtration Bottle eliminates chlorine, sediment, and VOCs from all drinking water.

I compare the quality of the water with bottled Fiji water which is viscous like liquid glass. It is clear and crisp and really delicious.

Long-Lasting Filter Purifies Large Amounts of Tap Water

The great thing about having a large capacity filtered water bottle is not having to think about it because it lasts for 6 Months and filters 211 Gallons.

No wait, the greatest thing is not carrying or lifting heavy bottles.

The WAT10-FIL has a 6-month lifespan and can purifiy 211 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.

The filter fits into the base of the top chamber of the WAT10W Water Bottle.

To replace, simply lift up the top chamber, unscrew the old water filter, and screw on the new one.

The whole process takes less than a minute.

Reduces Waste & Saves You Money

The WAT10 frees you from your reliance on single-use water bottles, which are difficult to recycle and take up a lot of space in landfills.

It lets you filter your tap water instead, cutting down on the amount of trash you generate and saving you considerable amounts of money.

Tap water costs less than a penny per gallon, while a bottle of water delivered to your home costs between $1.20 and $1.40.

Get more for less by switching over to the WAT10

The bottle is divided into two chambers.

The top chamber holds over 1.3 gallons, while the bottom chamber holds over 1.7 gallons, for a total of 3.04 gallons.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat

NewAir WAT10W Pure Spring Water Filtration Bottle is easy to refill

The bottle has an easy lift top that lets you refill it without removing it from the top of the water dispenser.

No more carrying or lifting heavy bottles.

The WAT10W makes it easy to enjoy fresh drinking water in the comfort of your home 24/7.

The clear plastic design allows all users to easily identify when they need to top up the filtration system with more water.

Cost Effective & A Great Money Saver

Because the WAT10W filters tap water, it is smarter and it costs much less than buying water jugs from a delivery service.

Tap water costs approximately less than a penny per gallon.

Bottled water costs $1.20 per gallon +$1.40 with delivery costs.Over the course of a year, the WAT10W can save a family of four over $500.

Overall this solution from NewAir is much more convenient and a huge money saver.

You can dispose of using clunky and ugly water bottles and instead adopt the WAT10W as the new alternative to staying hydrated.

Compatible with All Major Top Loading Water Dispensers

The NewAir WAT10W is a universal accessory that fits most top loading water dispensers.

To discourage toilet-drinking, water bowls should be washed and refreshed at least twice daily.

It helps also to consider whether your dog likes what the water bowl is made from.

To learn his preference, offer choices of stainless steel or ceramic filled with fresh, cold filtered water.


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