Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a trek through the wilderness, proper food and beverage storage makes all the difference when you are miles away from the comforts of home. This is where a powered 12v cooler comes in handy! A portable battery or solar powered cooler is the perfect companion on your next adventure: it keeps things perfectly chilled without the soggy mess of melted ice.

With a 12v Electric Cooler, not only can you ditch ice – and extra stops to the store to get it – but you can enjoy additional features that make life on the road or in the outdoors a breeze. The family of Newair Electric Coolers come with weather-stripped doors and off-road wheels, making them built for rugged conditions. Once you’ve pitched your tent or set down your beach towel, you can crack open an icy cold beer with the bottle opener and plug-in your speaker to the USB Port on the control panel. Life is good.

Still, you may be wondering if Portable Electric Coolers are worth it. Here are all the answers to your burning questions about these 12v coolers for your car or campsite:


Do Electric Coolers Drain Your Car Battery?


Put this worry to rest thanks to the Car Battery Protection Modes on the Newair Electric Coolers. When the coolers are plugged in to your car, the three modes – high, medium, and low – cut power to the cooler once your car battery has reached a certain voltage. This means, you’ll always have enough power to get home!

Say you want to forego your car battery altogeher. The Newair Electric Coolers are compatible with an internal battery and solar panel kit, so you can get a solid charge for as long as the sun’s out and even for hours after once the 175W internal battery is 100% charged.

The options don’t end here: all models of Newair Electric Coolers – the 48-quart, 80-quart, and 122-quart – are also chargeable by external batteries, generators, or wall outlets. Choose your charge and take off on your next adventure!



How Long Can You Run an Electric Cooler?

Your environment plays a huge role in how long the charge of an Electric Cooler lasts (i.e. The hotter it is, the harder the compressor works. The harder the compressor works, the faster the battery is drained).

Multiple tests later and the Newair 173W internal battery can last anywhere between 5-15 hours in the 80-quart Electric Cooler. Pair this powerful yet compact battery with the 100W solar panel and you’ve got yourself a duo that can take on a full day of fun filled activities in the backcountry.

But let’s say you have a long weekend coming up and you want to get away to the nearest National Park with your friends or family. You can get creative with any number of ways to charge your Electric Cooler. It bears repeating that wall outlets, internal battery and solar panel kits, car outlets, external batteries, and generators are all ways you can charge up your Electric Cooler. No matter how long the adventure, you will never be without an icy cold beverage in the backcountry again.


Can You Put Ice in Your Electric Cooler?

It happens to the best of us: our “to-do” list starts to add up and somehow “Charge the Electric Cooler before the weekend” doesn’t get crossed off.

The Newair refrigerator and freezer coolers come with two drain plugs, one at the bottom of each zone. These plugs are mainly for when condensation builds up from the chilly internal temperatures (-4°F-68°F to be exact). You simply pull up on the plug and whatever water droplets have formed at the bottom go draining out – no tipping of the cooler necessary.

But if you forgot to charge your Electric Cooler before a trip to the park or your kid’s soccer game, you can put ice in it as a last-ditch effort to keep things cool. Ice even lasted up to 7 days in the Newair 80-quart cooler!  

The Newair dual zones are strongly insulated, come with removeable baskets, and have internal door-activated LED-lights. They have all the fixings to handle rough camping conditions and a bag of ice.


Ready to take on your next adventure?

It doesn’t matter if it’s taking your next grocery store run or the next Great American Adventure, a Portable 12v Electric Cooler for your car can change the way you approach your everyday life. Say goodbye to melted ice cream, lukewarm beers, and leaky ice bags. Say hello to the open road and your weekend plans.

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