Where to Install Your Home Beverage and Beer Cooler: 5 Creative Ideas

Whether you live in a mansion or a man-cave, it’s important to keep your beverages at the ideal temperature. From storing wine at the perfect chilled temp to pair with a romantic dinner to handing out crisp, cold brewskies at your next barbeque bash, a beverage or beer cooler makes the perfect addition to any home.

But where do you set this bad boy up? With NewAir’s decades of experience in the industry, the company is able to offer you versatile, sleek ideas that make the pop cooler fit right in, wherever you choose to store it. The ABR-960 and ABR-1770 beverage cooler models are crafted to be both built-in and freestanding, giving you the freedom to pick and choose where you house them.

Here are five unique ideas for installing your home beverage and beer cooler.

Replace Your Built-in Trash Compactor

Built-in beer coolers are engineered to fit under your existing countertop. These units, such as the ABR-1770, typically replace old appliances that are taking up space, such as that ugly trash compactor that you hardly ever use anymore. Whether you decide to use it as your primary or secondary fridge option, the built in beverage filter makes a great selection for small homes, apartments, dorm rooms, or RVs.

Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages and room temperature sodas when you install NewAir’s ABR-1770 under your countertop. This innovative beverage cooler featured streamlined, slim proportions to fit seamlessly into any modern living space and ultimately deliver cooler beer. If you live in a large home that has a crowded fridge, simply tuck your extra beverages in this unit to free up some space.

Where to Install Your Home Beverage and Beer Cooler: 5 Creative Ideas

Trash the Old Filing Cabinet in the Corner

Where to Install Your Home Beverage and Beer Cooler: 5 Creative Ideas

freestanding beverage fridge, such as the sleek ABR-960 from New Air, can be set up just about anywhere. They make the perfect addition to a home bar, game room, or man cave because you have quick and easy access to all of your favorite drinks.

If you have recently converted an old office or bedroom into the game or entertainment space of your dreams, the time has come to finally throw out that old filing cabinet in the corner that’s been collecting dust. Replace it with a contemporary and elegant piece of craftsmanship that looks great with any home décor.

With the ABR-960’s technological innovations, you can easily enjoy drinks as cold as 36 degrees, adjustable LED blue lighting, and a smart, compact design that provides storage space for up to 96 cans or 58 beer bottles.

The Ultimate Entertainment Component

For those who love their televisions, create the ultimate entertainment system with a built-in beverage cooler. NewAir’s multiple beer and soda cooler options can fit just about anywhere, including in your entertainment system. Never miss another second of your favorite show or sports team’s game again due to having instant access to all of your favorite beverages. Additionally, the ABR-1770’s efficient cooling compressor produced minimum sound or vibration to ensure completely quiet operation, so you won’t miss any of the action.

Mommy’s Little Helper

Does your family have thirsty mouths to quench? With a growing family, it may be tough to find room in the fridge for the extra juices, bottles, and other beverages for your little ones. Think about installing a compact and handy-dandy beverage cooler under the sink or in the nursery or playroom for your kids to access. Not only are these appliances completely safe for children, they are also easy to open. The LED lights will ensure your tots and teens find their favorite beverages easily.

Beer Cooler: The Ultimate Man Cave Accessory

What’s the perfect accessory to any man cave? We’ll give you one guess – and it’s not a television or leather couch. You’re right! It’s a handsomely compact beverage cooler where you can store all of your favorite drinks at the ideal temperature.

Whether you decide to store the fridge under the shelving of your personalized bar or leave it freestanding, NewAir’s inventory of beer and wine coolers allows for endless options. The ABR-960’s reversible door enables you to change the swing to ensure easy access, no matter how you install your fridge.

There is more than one way to creatively install a beverage and beer cooler in your home. With tons of innovations, NewAir’s selection of fridges makes it easy to find the one that compliments your desires best.


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