How to Stay Cool in the Summer: Misting Fan Review

As thermometers edge up to “broil” across the country, people head indoors to hide from the hot air. Blackout curtains are drawn, and you barely venture out except to walk from air conditioning in the house to the air conditioned car. Are you tired of burrowing through the hottest part of the year like a mole person, doing only indoor activities in an attempt to escape the summer heat?


A Solution You Haven’t Tried?

In an effort to reclaim the use of your patio or porch on haddot nights, you may have tried ice packs, paper fans, cold showers or ice cream cones. A neighbor tells you to wear light-colored clothing; your sister suggests holding ice cubes to your pulse points. Maybe you’ve tried a box fan, and discovered that blowing hot air onto your skin can actually raise your body temperature. The local news shows warn of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, and tell their viewers to avoid hot foods and stay out of direct sunlight. Before you despair, consider the solution offered by a misting fan.

Evaporation is Your Friend

If you live in a part of the country with low humidity, a misting fan has the capacity to significantly lower the air temperature. It can also cool off your skin directly, as it will carry minute droplets of air that evaporate right after landing on you. You can see how this kind of fan works by watching makjosher’s review video on the New Air AF-600 misting fan.

Watch How a Misting Fan Works

In that video, Josh unboxes the fan and demonstrates the simple steps involved in putting it together. Although it’s easy to just pull the fan out of the box and set it up, he shows why it’s still a good idea to read the instructions. After starting his video talking about how wet the misting fan was (more appropriate for kids in bathing suits than people sitting around having a drink), Josh discovers that he had accidentally adjusted the water input to its highest setting. Once he set it lower, the fan put out its cool water in a micro-fine mist.

Check out this well-narrated review and see if a misting fan is your answer to rising temperatures. It’s time to come out of your house, chill out, and stop hiding from the heat!


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