Learn about the best cigar humidors for aging your collection.

When searching for a cigar humidor, you’ll find brands that rest on the top floor of executive sky scrapers as the best that money can buy. To experience a superb cigar, you need quality equipment, but you may be surprised to learn the best humidor is not as complicated as it seems.

What Makes the Best Cigar Humidor?

There are just a few things to look for in a good humidor to get the best bang for your buck.

The best cigar humidor can maintain a steady 70°F and 70% humidity. The type of wood inside the humidor plays a role in adding an aroma to your aging cigars, and Spanish cedar is the highest recommended. It’s very important that the seal around the humidor is tight so that air and moisture cannot escape. Always test it or look for reviews that describe the seal before purchasing.

To keep track of your precious collection, the best humidor should contain a hygrometer, which measures moisture levels in an easily readable gauge. You should be able to read the gauge without opening the humidor.

Low-intensity lighting and plenty of space for circulation are both recommended so that your cigars aren’t at risk of drying out. Having a humidor that is a bit bigger than your collection is ideal.

How Much are the Best Cigar Humidors?

The specifications for the best humidors are not very complicated, but often cost a pretty penny.

The reason why humidors tend to be expensive is because cigars are a luxury item and so brands will market their products to meet those posh expectations. Some aficionados love the appeal of a brand their father might have kept in his office, while others are in it for the pleasures of enjoying a deliciously aged cigar.

A quality humidor that is also from a world-renowned brand will easily cost upwards of $1,000 to hold just 50 cigars.

For many cigar collectors who are just getting started, those costs seem excessive. You could build your own humidor if you’re a craftsman, or you could also check out NewAir’s humidors for all the specifications at a fraction of those unnecessary costs with even more storage space.

Two NewAir Humidors for You

Experts agree that NewAir humidors are great for serious collections, whether you’re just getting started or expanding your tastes. With a modern design, you can view your collection through the glass door of a stainless-steel cooler and store your cigars on Spanish cedar drawers and shelves. This is different from many humidors that have a top lid and require you to open the box to check on the collection.

These humidors are also thermoelectric. They will run quietly in your home or office and will not cause vibrations while saving energy and efficiently dissipating heat to keep your collection cool.

The right choice in a NewAir humidor mainly depends on the size of your collection. Here are two options with the best features and specifications for your cigars:

The NewAir CC-100 Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor

How to Buy the Best Cigar Humidor: Costs and Features for You

For getting your collection established, this humidor will keep your cigars in a controlled environment for years. It holds 250 cigars on two shelves and one drawer.

The temperature and humidity is presented clearly so that you can simply adjust it when needed. An LED light emits from the top so that you can view your cigars.

It weighs 25lbs and the dimensions are 14.00″ x 19.50″ x 19.00″ so that it fits conveniently by your other appliances or in an empty nook.

The NewAir CC-300 Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor

For established collections that are outgrowing their current humidors, this one holds up to 400 cigars on three shelves and two drawers.

The temperature is presented at the top of the cooler while the hygrometer is located towards the bottom. This one also contains an LED light for viewing your collection day or night.

It weighs 45lbs and the dimensions are 20.88″ x 18.13″ x 29.25″. A bit larger than the CC-100, this humidor could be suited on an end table or even sitting on the floor with a decoration on top.

Both humidors can be placed in a home or office. The best location will be away from windows where direct lighting could shine through the glass, and in an air-conditioned environment rather than being outdoors.

These cooling humidors are ultimately ideal to maintain any collection, but cigar collectors in regions with warmer climates will benefit most from the amount of control. The commercial temperature for storing cigars is 70°F, and for personal collections it’s recommended to go as low as 65°F, so long as the temperature does not fluctuate.

The seal on these doors are among the highest quality available for ensuring that your cigars age to perfection.

For more help on finding the right humidor for aging your cigars, watch the video below:

How to Buy the Best Cigar Humidor: Costs and Features for You


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