There are many types of heaters in the market nowadays, but not all of them are efficient.

One of the most efficient types of heaters is Micathermic space heaters.

These heaters use a different heating method than most that not only gives them the ability to heat an area faster, but they also heat larger areas efficiently. The best part about these heaters is that they are safe to use.

Parts of a Micathermic Space Heater

The operation of the Micathermic space heater is a combination of radiant and convective heat.

However, Micathermic heaters lack a component of convection heaters.

  • Convection heaters have a heating element and a fan.
  • The fan blows cool air over the element and then pushes it into the room.
  • But Micathermic heaters do not have a blower.
  • Even then, a Micathermic hearer can easily heat a room up to 200 square meters in size. This is what makes it extremely popular.

The most important component of the Micathermic space heater is the heating element. This element is more powerful than the one used in normal convection heaters despite being similar to the filament used in convection heaters.

Surrounding the heating element is a stone that conducts heat. This stone type material is known as Mica.

  • Several layers of Mica sheets are used in manufacturing a Micathermic heater.
  • Mica is the most important component of this heater. It is responsible for helping the heater to relay the heat to different areas in the room.
  • One of mica's properties includes producing electromagnetic waves when this stone-type material is heated.
  • These waves, in turn, heat up the entire room.

Let's look at how a Micathermic space heater works.

How Does It Work?

The working of a Micathermic space heater is a lot less complicated than it seems.

This heater's functionality is a combination of convection heating and radiant heating. This is why it is extremely efficient.

Micathermic heaters have similar heating elements as convection heaters, except that the heating elements are typically panels covered in the sheets of mica, which is a great conductor of heat.

  • Mica is known to generate electromagnetic rays.
  • When mica is heated to a certain temperature, the electromagnetic rays are emitted into the room.
  • The electromagnetic rays then heat up the room.
  • The heating effect the rays have on the room is similar to sunlight. It provides soothing heat, radiant heat, much like infrared heaters do.

The best part is that these rays heat up the room faster than most space heaters. As the rays heat up all the objects in the room, the ambient air is warmed up as well. Gradually, the warm air pushes the cool air towards the heater itself.

This is how the cool air is warmed without the use of a fan to blow warm air across a room. This technology is what gives Micathermic heaters the ability to heat up larger areas without the assistance of a blower. There are Micathermic heater models which can easily heat areas as large as 200 sq. meters.

Does it Function Differently from Other Heaters?

mica-stone-350One of the main differences in the functionality of Micathermic heaters and other types of heaters is the use of Mica.

Once it is heated, it generates electromagnetic rays to heat up the entire room.

Micathermic heaters provide quick and efficient heating to large areas as well. Radiant heaters are great for smaller areas. But they do not have the ability to transfer their heat to a larger area. If the area is small or if you are quite close to a radiant heater, you will get sufficient heat. But if there is the slightest draft or if the room is not properly insulated, you will feel uncomfortable.

Convective heaters, on the other hand, are better at heating larger areas.

However, the heating principle they follow is not as efficient as Micathermic heaters. Convective heaters generate heat using an element.

Once the element heats up, the blower transfers the heat to the area. Basically, a convective heater heats up the ambient air. But this heating method takes quite long. In addition, the room has to be properly insulated for best heating results. The slightest draft could cause the heater to function inefficiently.

How Is A Micathermic Heater So Efficient?

Many people are apprehensive about buying Micathermic heaters. This is because the functionality of this heater sounds efficient, but they are not sure if it will actually be as efficient as it is made out to be. However, the combination of convective and radiant heating principles should makes it more efficient than either type of heat.

  • Convective heaters are faster at heating than radiant heaters. But heat from radiant heaters is better than convective heaters.
  • The reason radiant heaters provide better heating is they do not heat the ambient air. Only objects. This makes them more direct and efficient.
  • When radiant heaters heat up the objects surrounding the heater, the objects then transfer the heat to the room and the air.
  • A Micathermic heater uses the same principle as radiant heaters. The electromagnetic rays do not heat up the ambient air. Instead, the rays heat up the surrounding objects.
  • However, Micathermic heaters do a better job at heating surrounding objects than radiant heaters do. This is why they are able to provide faster and better heating than other heaters.

One of the biggest concerns people have is how a Micathermic heater is able to effectively heat an area if it partly operates like a radiant heater. This is because radiant heaters heat up objects closest to it, so you will only get proper heat if you are near it. This is also a reason radiant heaters can only heat up smaller areas.

shop-micaThe only reason Micathermic heaters are able to heat a large area than radiant heaters is because of electromagnetic rays.

  • The heat is not directly transferred to objects in the room, but transferred to objects via electromagnetic rays.
  • If the heat were from a radiant heater, the nearest object would heat up first. But with the micathermic heater's electromagnetic waves, the rays heat up each object in an area at the same time.
  • As the objects heat up, the air warms up. Since each object in the room is being heated up at the same time, the ambient air warms up quicker.
  • The best part about Micathermic heaters is the area remains warm for a long time even after the heater is turned off.

Benefits of a Micathermic Heater

Micathermic heaters present many advantages if you use one in your home or workplace. If you are still hesitant to acquire a Micathermic heater, these benefits should help you make an informed decision:

Keeps the Air from Dehumidifying

One of the biggest issues with other types of heaters is they heat the ambient air and the air loses moisture. This gives adequate heat but the air becomes dry.

But if you use Micathermic heaters, the air will retain moisture. The only other heater type with similar properties is radiant heater. But they are not suitable for use in large areas.

Safer Than Other Heaters

Convective and radiant heaters use strong heating sources.

These heaters have safety features but they pose a fire risk. This is why these heaters have to be kept away from other objects, especially curtains and upholstered furniture.

But while the element of Micathermic heaters is highly efficient, it not as hot to the touch as regular heaters. The element is only meant to heat the mica stone. The heat is then transferred into the room in a safe manner.

Economical To Operate

newair-ah-470-200There are two reasons Micathermic heaters are economical to operate.

The first reason is the element. Since the element of the Micathermic heater is small and only used to heat the mica stone, the element consumes little power.

The second reason Micathermic heaters consume less electricity is they heat a room faster. As soon as the room temperature is stable, the heater turns off. This enables the Micathermic heater to provide better heating at an affordable cost.

Silent Operation

Convection heaters have a blower which transmits heat to the room. The blower generates a fair amount of noise which can be disturbing. But Micathermic heaters do not have any moving parts and are thus silent.

Features of a Micathermic Space Heater

One of the many features of Micathermic heaters is their compactness.

The heating element is embedded within mica stone and is small. This technology enables Micathermic heaters to be made small.

In addition, Micathermic heaters have built-in overheat protection which makes it safer than other heaters. The design of Micathermic heaters is quite stable. These heaters can be placed in almost any location without the danger of tipping over.

If you want a heater that is safe and provides better heating than convection and radiant heaters, you should consider Micathermic space heaters.

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