It is normal for people to be conscious of what they are spending their money on.

Especially, when it involves household appliances. You want to make sure that you can benefit from a product before making the purchase. You may ponder questions such as:

  • If it's expensive, will I save money down the road?
  • If this product is cheap, is it made of any quality?
  • Or does the performance value measure up to the monetary value?

When you're in the market for an air fryer, these can be common considerations. If you've been debating on whether to purchase that air fryer you've been hearing about, this article should help you make a decision that could benefit your appetite and your wallet.

What exactly is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a cooking appliance that allows you to fry foods, with no oil.

  • Air fryers can also grill, roast, and bake foods. Giving you the same great look and taste as other foods cooked with an oven or oil fryer, the air fryer has been known for the production of healthy, yet delicious meals.
  • The food is cooked with hot-air that flows around the appliance, while heating up ingredients from all sides. Within minutes, you will have a golden, crispy meal that contains less calories than your normally fried foods.
  • Air fryers are typically bought by individuals who want to enjoy their favorite fried foods but avoid the calories that come with it, and also people who have hectic schedules and are searching for alternatives for getting lunch/dinner cooked quickly.

Are Air Fryers Cost Effective?

Air fryers have long been recognized as cost-effective. Its versatile features and high performance, gives its competitors a run for their money. When contemplating on buying an air fryer, it's only right that you weigh the pros and cons of the appliance.

How will the fryer make your life easier? Will purchasing an air fryer eventually save you from spending in other areas?

As with any appliance purchase, there will be hundreds of reviews informing you to either buy the best product in the world or run and save your money.

Word of mouth can help you with some decisions, but the only way to truly find out if an air fryer is cost-effective for you is by researching the product and testing it out yourself.

Here are some air fryer benefits and values that could help you cut costs from your everyday spending:

The Value of an air fryer

  • Simple to use:  Air fryers are accompanied with a step by step guide and recipe booklet that makes your cooking experience with the fryer simple as ever. Learn how to become a pro at making scrumptious meals with your fryer.
  • Cooks fast:  Within a matter of minutes, you will hear a "ding" indicating that your food has been cooked to perfection. Most dishes with an air fryer can be cooked between 10-20 minutes. This cuts down the time you would normally spend in the kitchen.
  • Easy to Clean:  With its removable parts, air fryers are easy to clean. Most parts that come with the appliance can be used in the dish-washer. Since the parts are made with non-stick material, you don't have to worry about hard-food stains to the pan.
  • Energy efficiency:  Because an air fryer can fry, grill, roast and bake, you can cut out the need to power up your stove; overall saving you more money on your electricity.
  • Safe to operate:  Air fryers have a compact size that do not take up much counter space, making it out of reach for small children to reach. The exterior material of the fryer can become a little hot while in use, but with proper handle of the device, it will not serve as a dangerous hazard for owners.
  • No oil is needed with an air fryer. You can avoid having to purchase oil to fry your foods.
  • Healthy:  Because an air fryer requires little to no oil, its food is generally healthy and can help your diet. This can eliminate extra doctor visits pertaining to your health.

What do you have to lose?

There is not much to lose with an air fryer. Even though an air fryer has many benefits, there are some cons to consider.

Some cons that have been reported with the fryer are: its heavyweight and exterior heating on the appliance while it is in use. As with any cooking appliance, the outer layer will get hot, but it is important, as the owner, to take precautions when cooking.

Wear cooking gloves when you need to shift or rotate the position of the fryer. The knobs and buttons on the fryer will not get hot, just the exterior material surrounding the pan. The air fryer may be heavy in weight, but it was ultimately designed with a compact width and length to make it the perfect size for counter space.

Are these cons big enough to affect the pricing of the appliance? Apparently not. Air fryers are continuing to evolve with more and more features being added on. With technology vastly emerging, this can only be the beginning for this innovative fryer.

Air fryer comparison

There are major differences when it comes to cost-effective factors of an air fryer versus oil-used deep fryers.

The noticeable difference is that an air fryer doesn't need oil to prepare your foods.

  • This saves you money tremendously on trips to your local supermarket because you can spend less money on buying cooking oil.
  • When you buy an oil fryer, you are buying a fryer that was built to do just that, fry foods. There aren't any extra features that come along with it. But with an air fryer, you can roast, fry, grill and bake foods. That means an air fryer can substitute your stovetop and oven when needed.
  • Although some oil fryers do have removable parts, there aren't many that have this feature. With an air fryer you can simply remove the parts from the appliance and hand wash them or insert them in the dishwasher.

Thinking long term, an air fryer could definitely benefit you more than other fryers.

Least expensive air fryer

Of course, some air fryers are more costly than others.

Depending on how high tech you want your appliance, the rates can vary.

For example, digital air fryers are the most expensive type of air fryers.

  • This type of fryer includes a touch screen where you can control your temperature settings and timer by the touch of your finger.
  • Digital air fryers also include a pre-set button to use with your favorite dishes. This makes it convenient if you have a meal you eat consistently; all you have to do is select your pre-set button and the fryer will pre-heat to the appropriate temperature setting.

Original air fryers are equipped with a knob to control the temperature and timer, which alerts you when the timer runs out.

Every air fryer, depending on brand, size and type, can offer you valuable benefits.

It is important to research and understand the different types of fryers that are available. This could overall, save you money when deciding which one suits your needs best.

What is the price range of good air fryers?

Generally, the price of air fryers can vary from locations as well. In the United States, a popular air fryer can range anywhere from $70 and up to $300-400.

The rates are simply affected by the added technology and performance skills that the fryer has to offer. Air fryers that cost in the mid hundreds would be the most recent model fryers that can either be traditional or digital.

Although all air fryers produce the same results, the more expensive ones will include more features to your

Putting your research together

There must be something that has your eye on an air fryer if you are considering the cost.

You now know all of the benefits that an air fryer has to offer. Putting forth the effort to make your life easier down the road could potentially be a very smart decision to make now.

Depending on how bad you want to test out an air fryer, the cost shouldn't budge your decision. This is because of the limitless ways you can use the fryer (grilling, baking, etc.) and also how your life can benefit from having one.

Ultimately the choice of whether an air fryer is worth the cost is up to the purchaser.

If you tend to have a busy schedule, are seeking a diet change or want to cut back on using fatty oils with your food, then an air fryer may be the perfect option for you.

It will save you:

  • The time of unwanted doctor visits regarding your health
  • Oily messes
  • Long periods of time you spend in the kitchen

By now you should have a much clearer idea of how an air fryer can help you and your wallet.

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