Cigars, like any fine natural product, must be properly handled in order to preserve their true character. Their unique aroma and flavor are due to the essential oils and sugars in the tobacco leaves, which are carefully developed through the fermentation process. Cigar aficionados have experimented with many different storage solutions, but until recently these solutions have been vulnerable to environmental variations. Now, with the NewAir CC100H, cigar enthusiasts can be confident that their smoking experience is exactly as it was intended. Here are the ways that this electronic cigar cooler allows you to maintain your cigar collection in ideal condition for years to come.


The Ideal Temperature for Storing Cigars

Cigars need to be kept at a temperature range between 65 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Excess heat or temperature fluctuation can result in the hatch of tobacco beetles, which can rapidly destroy an entire cigar collection. The thermoelectric cooling system maintains the correct temperature without drying out the air inside the cooler, with easy digital controls.


Cigar Storage Depends on Proper Humidity Levels

 A relative humidity between 65 and 75 percent is needed to keep the tobacco leaves in peak condition. A wet environment will cause mold and mildew to grow, whereas air that’s too dry will allow the all-important essential oils to evaporate.


 Spanish Cedar Shelves Add to Your Experience

Spanish cedar is the classic material for cigar storage for two reasons: Its porous structure absorbs moisture and slowly releases it to maintain a stable humidity level inside the cigar humidor. Secondarily, Spanish cedar adds its own unique complexity to the cigars’ aroma and taste.


Seal and Lock Your Thermoelectric Cooler

The NewAir CC100H has a rubberized seal around the door, just as wine coolers and other refrigerators do. This means that the distilled water reservoir effectively maintains the stable humidity and temp control that cigars require. This 250-count cigar cooler also comes with a lock, to prevent anyone from opening or tampering with the collection.

For a closer look at the NewAir stainless steel thermoelectric humidor, check out this video from Cigars Daily.




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