With NewAir, giving a great housewarming gift is a breeze.

When you’re shopping for a housewarming gift, you want to get them something great. Something they’ll use. You want to give a gift that will make a difference in their new home or apartment. A gift that’s reliable, yet practical.

At NewAir, we understand the importance of giving a great housewarming gift. To help make finding the right housewarming gift as simple as possible, we’ve put together this list of some of our most popular products. These gift ideas are just perfect for a warm welcome to someone moving into a new home or apartment.

NewAir AH-470 Flat Panel Micathermic Space Heater

Housewarming Gift Ideas
    The AH-470 is a space heater with a smart, portable design that’s just perfect for any room in any home or apartment. Including a programmable timer and a number of safety features, this space heater is built for comfort and convenience, with a temperature range from 41°F to 97°F.

Of course, the convenience features don’t stop there. The AH-470 can be operated by remote control and has a built-in LED display. The timer is programmable for up to 18 hours, and the unit is ETL listed for safety. It’s easy to store, meaning it will be out of your way until you need it for the cooler winter months. Met with its sleek, modern design, the AH-470 is one of our favorite housewarming gifts on this list.

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NewAir AF-520B 18-Inch Ultra Quiet Outdoor Misting Fan

Housewarming Gift Ideas
    The AF-520B outdoor misting fan is a perfect gift for someone living in a warmer climate or in a region where the summers get hot. Ideal for porches, patios, and balconies, this fan will keep you cool on even the hottest days. In addition, the AF-520B has a large coverage area that can span up to 500 sq. ft. of space.

In addition to functionality, the AF-520B outdoor misting fan looks great with its elegant black finish. The unit itself is strong and durable, making it a dependable means for cooling any outdoor area, whether it’s the back porch of a new home or an apartment balcony. An always awesome housewarming gift.

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NewAir AW-121E 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Housewarming Gift Ideas
    The AW-121E 12-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler is a fantastic housewarming gift for the new homeowner who loves to keep a few of their favorite bottles of wine on hand. That said, this wine cooler is compact enough to fit comfortably in most apartments as well. It’s a free-standing unit that’s both quiet and aesthetically pleasing. It’s even small enough to rest on a kitchen counter.

Despite its compact dimensions, the AW-121E wine cooler is packed with features desired by the most demanding wine enthusiasts. The display makes it simple to monitor the internal temperature while the internal LED lighting stays cool to the touch, illuminating the interior of the unit without warming your wine. If you know someone who absolutely adores wine, this is the perfect housewarming gift for them.

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NewAir AB-850 84-Can Beverage Cooler

Housewarming Gift Ideas
    The AB-850 beverage cooler has the astonishing capacity to hold as many as 84 cans of your favorite beverage. Perfect for dorms, apartments, homes, and offices, this unit can chill soda, beer, soft drinks, juice, and energy drinks anywhere from 34°F to 64°F.

With a highly attractive stainless steel finish, the AB-850 includes internal LED lighting that makes it easy to see what your options are the next time you go to grab a drink. All in all, this is a housewarming gift that the recipient is sure to adore for years and years to come.

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NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B BPA-Free Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Water Cooler With Icons | NewAirThere’s nothing quite like being able to enjoy a clean, fresh cup of water 24/7. The WAT30B is a BPA-free hot and cold water dispenser that makes for an incredible housewarming gift, be it for a home or an apartment. The water bottle is designed to prevent spills, making it very easy to load, and a child safety lock on the hot water faucet will help to prevent against accidental burns.

With a beautiful, contoured design, this water dispenser will look great next to your other appliances, in an office, or in a living area. The unit itself requires minimal maintenance and dispenses cold water at 39°F and hot water at 185°F. There’s also an option for dispensing water at room temperature.

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NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker

Housewarming Gift Ideas
    When someone moves into a new home or a new apartment, they’re sure to have plenty of parties over the years. Make sure they always have enough ice with the AI-100 portable ice maker. This unit produces fresh ice every six to 15 minutes, meaning less wait and more cold drinks!

Easy to operate, this countertop-sized unit requires no permanent installation and doesn’t need a drain. It’s wonderful for family gatherings, housewarming parties, barbecues, and more. The AI-100 portable ice maker is available in a wide variety of colors, including black, red, stainless steel, vermillion orange, and cyan blue. It’s easily one of the coolest housewarming gifts on this list.

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