Best Home Appliances to Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Congratulations on surviving another year in a row! If you’re planning to go for the record this year, Jeanne Calment from France is sitting pretty at 122 years in a row. Sadly, she passed away of natural causes in 1997, but, before her death, Calment did attribute her longevity and retention of her full mental faculties up to her death to an olive oil rich diet, port wine, a kilogram of chocolate every week, and her calm disposition. That’s a tall order for a new year’s resolution, but it’s a good thing there are plenty of other new year’s resolutions that might be more manageable.

Despite what your new year’s resolution is or how difficult it might be to see it through, there are two things you’ll need to successfully achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself: 1) the right attitude and 2) the right tools or products. Without both of those two things, you’ll be making it harder for yourself to accomplish your goal. Luckily for you, however, we’ve got a few ideas of how some of these great products will help you meet your new year’s resolution and make you into the best version of yourself for 2016.

So, You’ve Decided to Take Up Smoking

Traditionally, most people will make a new year’s resolution to try and quit smoking because of its health hazards and links to cancer, but not you. You’re above all the trends and warnings. You’re a full fledged adult living your life by your own rules. A modern day rebel with or without a cause. Do you know who else lived by her own rules? Jeanne Calment, a woman who started smoking the tobacco in 1896 (at the age of 21) to 1992 (at the ripe old age of 117). That doesn’t mean Ms. Calment quit smoking altogether, either. The oldest woman who ever lived was said to have only limited herself to smoking no more than two cigarettes a day towards the end of her life. So, you shouldn’t be too worried if Jeanne Calment, a life-long smoker, lived to be 122 years old, but there’s more to smoking than just plain old cigarettes.

Cigars, the oh-so subtle phallic symbol of craft, status, and power. Before the dominance of cigarettes, cigar smoking was much more common in the 19th century, but, today, is seen more as a bit of a luxury or a type of collector’s hobby. There are many different types of cigars that come from all over the world and from different periods in time, but storing cigars can be a tricky business. So, if you’ve made cigars part of your 2016 new year’s resolution, you’re going to need a good cigar humidor.

Moisture content is one key aspect to consider when enjoying a nice cigar. As a cigar burns, the stored sugar and essential oils from the rolled up tobacco leaves are released and blended into the cigar smoke, which is what gives a cigar its distinct taste. The preferred moisture content for these cigars are typically between 12 to 15 percent. If the moisture content is outside of this range then it will either burn too hot or burn unevenly, ruining the aroma and flavor of the cigar. This makes proper storage of cigars a vital part of owning and smoking cigars and why investing a good humidor is essential.

NewAir CC-300 Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor

For smokers with a limited amount of cigars, you might want a smaller, compact model that can hold 250 cigars or less while offering easy access and storage. The NewAir CC-121E Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor is a great choice for cigar smokers looking for a compact humidor that doesn’t operate on a lot of electricity. The NewAir CC-121E is a 115 volt unit that uses 50 watts of power and .8 amps. This cigar humidor runs quietly and vibration free due to its thermoelectric cooling technology, which offers a solid temperature range between 54-75 degrees to prevent your cigars from drying out. The interior of the NewAir CC-121E is lined with two Spanish cedar drawers and a matching shelf to store the cigars. There’s also a digital temperature gauge on the top front of the stainless steel door frame with easy push-button controls for the temperature and interior light. It’s a very attractive thermoelectric cigar humidor, but one drawback of the CC-121E is that it lacks a hygrometer.

Luckily, the NewAir CC-300 Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor does come with a built-in hygrometer and a moisture container to better control the level of humidity within the unit. The NewAir CC-300 is a larger model than the CC-121E and is able to store up to 400 of your favorite cigars with its three Spanish cedar shelves and two drawers. This cigar humidor uses the same quiet and vibration free thermoelectric technology as the CC-121E and features the same temperature range, but increases its power usage just a bit to accommodate its larger size.

NewAir CC-121E NewAir CC-300
Capacity 250 400
Voltage 115 120
Wattage 50 70
Amperage 0.8 1
Spanish Cedar Yes Yes
Shelves 1 3
Drawers 2 2
Temp Range 54 – 75 degrees F 54 – 75 degrees F
Hygrometer No Yes

Depending on your storage needs, both NewAir models will perfectly store your cigars if you plan on becoming a much more serious cigar smoker and/or enthusiast this year.

So, You’ve Decided to Be a Wine Connoisseur

It seems like every year more and more new wines become available on the market. They all vary in price and taste as wine makers attempt to attract and cater to specific groups of wine drinkers. Do you know who was a big wine drinker? If you’ve been paying attention, I think you know who I’m talking about–Jeanne Calment. As earlier mentioned, The Oldest Person Who Ever Lived partially attributed port wine for keeping her alive for so long. Port wine, of course, is typically a sweet, red, fortified wine that’s commonly enjoyed with smokey meats, cheeses, and desserts. Port is also a popular wine to cook with, but don’t just be limited to port wine. If your new year’s resolution is to become a connoisseur of wine, or at least a more experienced wine drinker, you’ll need to start considering where and how you’ll be storing your wine before stocking up.

NewAir AWR-1600DB Dual Zone 160 Bottle Wine Cooler

NewAir offers a wide variety of models in different bottle capacities and cooling technology. Wine collectors may want a larger model to store all of their favorite wines and vintages. For this, the freestanding NewAir AWR-1600DB Dual Zone Premier Gold Series Wine Cooler is a great compressor model because of its 160 wine bottle capacity, beautiful storage display, and dual temperature zones; these two temperature zones can be independently adjusted for different temperatures, so you can sort different types of wine and store them in two separately cooled areas. It also has an outstanding temperature range of 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit and runs on 130 watts.

If the NewAir AWR-1600DB offers too much storage for your needs or you don’t need a dual zone cooling, the NewAir AWC-270E 27 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler might be a better alternative for you. This model is significantly smaller than the AWR-1600DB, but is able to cool down to a lower temperature while also using 45 less watts.

If you need to go even smaller, the NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler fits nicely on a kitchen counter-top and uses thermoelectric cooling technology, like that of the cigar humidors. This compact, 12 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler uses 50 watts and .8 amps to operate at a temperature range of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wine in moderation has been reported to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks with the fruit content in the vino boosting levels of HDL (the “good” cholesterol) and limiting the damage LDLs (the “bad” cholesterol) can do to the lining of arteries. Other studies have also suggested that wine may prevent certain types of cancers, such as in breasts tissue, prostates, and the liver, because of wine’s high antioxidant levels. So, it’s no surprise now why Ms. Calment would praise her port wine for keeping her healthy for 122 years.

NewAir AW-121E NewAir AWC-270E NewAir AWR-1600DB
Capacity 12 27 160
Voltage 115 120 120
Wattage 50 85 130
Amperage 0.8 1.3 1.8
Temp Range 54 – 66 degrees F 39 – 64 degrees F 40 – 66 degrees F
Cooling Type Thermoelectric Compressor Compressor
Wine Included No Nope HAHAHA…no

Wine, however, isn’t for everybody and not everybody enjoys drinking alcohol or sodas.

So, You’ve Decided to Only Drink Water

Another great new year’s resolution is to eliminate all sugary and fermented drinks from your diet. In the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, there’s a scene in one episode from the show’s later seasons that highlights the benefits of an alcohol free diet. The scene features Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt and Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer. The two friends and colleagues catch up after years apart.

Ben: “So, the only thing you did was stop drinking beer?”

Andy: “Yeah. I lost fifty pounds in one month.”

Ben: “How much beer were you drinking?”

Andy: “I know, right?! Probably too much.”

NewAir WCD-200W Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Part of the gag is used to explain Pratt’s dramatic off-screen weight loss for the sci-fi action comedy film Guardians of the Galaxy, which he shot while on hiatus during the previous season of Parks and Recreation, but there is some truth to Andy’s words, if not exaggerated.

To seriously lose weight, a person needs to exercise regularly and watch their calorie intake. Drinks that are high in calories like beer and carbonated, sugary sodas only make it more difficult to shed the pounds. As an alternative, water is the best choice to drink during the day and with meals; this is why a good water dispenser can make it easier for you to cut out alcohol and soda from your diet in 2016.

The convenience of a water dispense like that of the NewAir WCD-200 Hot & Cold Water Dispenser allows you to quickly refill water bottles on the go or quickly fill a glass for dinner instead of grabbing a can of beer or soda from the fridge. The hot water dispensing feature on the WCD-200 also makes it easier and quicker to make great tasting hot teas, which can also be very beneficial to your health.

A water dispenser like the NewAir WCD-200 Hot & Cold Water Dispenser may actually save you money by the end of the year by spending your money on refillable five gallon bottles of water instead of expensive cases of beer, soda, and/or wine. The WCD-200 even has stainless steel reservoirs to ensure your water doesn’t have a plastic taste.

So, You’ve Decided Not to Make a New Year’s Resolution

That’s okay, too. Making resolutions for the year are tough and aren’t for everybody. The important thing is that you to make the best of 2016 and try something new.

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